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  • Hey man yeah it's been like ages...I'm back from my break with pokemon though. I'm putting a team together soon, we should battle when I have it done.
    Eh, hello.
    Thank you for the invitation! :) I will acsept

    Sorry for don't taking contact, (s.i.e) It havn't been a sigle new pokemon trade for me the last time. I also working with joining new members to my Forum, none yet. :(
    doesn't matter golden jirachi, last time it's just a few updates and help others that have simple questions, hey i'll might join the ribbon society, it fits nice to my poke's i got 35 sinnoh ribbons on my dragonite so why not?

    oh and hello to you too ~Dragon_Master~, those new updates are brilliant don't you think?
    Yeah, see you around!

    Oh and, sorry for not being active in the contest help thread!

    Btw, wanna join the Ribbon Society? Is club led by Normalize. Be sure to read the first post!

    Cu soon!
    hey hey:)
    if you like to trade then be sure to send me a pm if you like,
    when i'm online i'm allways watching/waiting for good tradepartners to trade with^_^
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