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  • Ouch =\ that stinks dude, and yeah I bet he will be fine eventually. I dunno, at least hes got friends on here which is cool...

    So anyways enough about him, how are you?
    Its blizzarding outside atm, and i still had to walk in it -_-;

    Hey that sounds like positive news to me =) sounds like things are going to be okay just like i said ^^
    Hey thanks that means a lot to me =) I tried to bring others to this as a safe spot, but they said they dont really want to, so I am the only one that came over

    As for the backstabbers back at HS, they kinda changed Diablo, he isnt the same person as he was 3 weeks ago before I went on vacation. He was the only person who took care of the place besides me and a couple of others. But usually we are always busy, so he somehow managed a forum of 10,000+ by himself. Eventually he clocked more hours then the whole mod team put together. He fought off bots, trolls and flamers, something the other mods were getting mad at him about. They kept telling Diablo to go and let them ruin the place, but diablo ignored them , and well one year later, they threw him off =\ Mind you, he was probably one of the best mods on there, he was ranked first ever since they made the sight O-O;

    He still isnt back to his normal self, he said he's fine. But I am kinda worried about him.
    Greetings (s.i.e), yes I am one of his friends from HS ^_^, fun fun fun... Not -_-; one of the worst of places to be at. I think I may just quit my role there, diablo tried to tell me to stay cause they liked me there but i dont know to be honest. HS right now is still troublesome, they are still trying to clean up the messes around there, truly aint the same without him there.

    But on another note I am doing great I guess, class is kinda boring but oh well , what can you do xD
    =( Just hang in there dude, sorry for the delay I had to switch classrooms. But anyways he should be ok, sometimes it takes a lil longer for some people to recover, if something was truly up then they would of called , they did with my grandpa at least... But Im rooting for your grandpa :3, just take deep breaths, take a walk outside in the cold and drink some tea, to try and keep the stress down, and Im always here with an open ear or two
    Hey dude, a friend of mine from HS is here for a while =3 dont worry he was my partner so he's cool. Hes just looking for some friends to talk to :3 so i thought i ask you to see what you think. The user name is Astrafin and you can get to his file from my vm board |D
    (btw if you are wondering, im pro communist. we have wacky leaders here currently xD.)

    ya kindergarten is what we have in schools here for ages 5 to 6 xD

    and weiner is kinda german it also means hotdog.

    and english also uses the word Swine as in pig xD

    and hallo is hello :)

    Thy still have a Luftewaffe in germany i thin. its for good uses now. on our side. :) lufte i think mean air or lift. waffe still mean weappon but could mean force as in airforce. and Heer i think now means Army. they dont have a SS (Schutzstaffel) anymore. i wonder if they have an elite force for good uses now. i mean like todays elite?

    Does holland have an elite force? fi so, what is it called?
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