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  • Back in high school I had a 3D animation class and would just spend most of the time messing around on the internet.

    This mix makes me laugh every time I hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOLOLOLOLOL, I love NG for having so many talented people like that. :3
    I cant find the clip, but its where Stewie dreams of killing Lois and eventually goes into a spiral of oddness

    Ah relaxing after work , how much i know about that ^-^, first you take your feet and put it on the desk, then lean back and listen to some tunes while playing COD 4 or Need For Speed Shift

    Ugh. Stupid Character requirement. What am I supposed to do if a one-liner is LESS than 10 char 's ? What am I going to do then?
    *Flashes back to the Family Guy Episode

    I see you are attempting to take over the world. May i help?
    I am doing great, cant complain much, i got school coming up again. Ugh, you?

    Oh and thanks for having me as a fav ;D I put you down, but my reasons were to highj to list. so i generalized xD
    looks like you are trying to send me a VM, want some help?
    sure xD; Ok let's see then shall we. Do you have the latest Adobe Media player installed and the most current secturity up....... *This Program is no longer responding. Computer will crash in 3............2..............1............Boom
    thank you.

    and thanks for what you said and I will try to be better when saying things.

    and your one of my closest friends.

    short memory problem i suffer from,
    wow we both have memory problem, my was self inflicted though
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