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  • Yes I suppose I do see that :D hehe! And I might take your offer of staying in contact somehow! Gotta keep the Suikun fun somehow!
    It is really sad to see you go, since your posts were one of very few reasons for me to visit this forum anyway.

    Still, it was a fun time with you around and I wish you only the best!!

    from the strange, German Teddi~
    Wait, are you leaving? Darn I need to pick the top option repeatedly.

    -Don't Go!-
    -Bye, Bye...-

    I'll keep picking the top option until you magically change your mind.
    You know how to make me jealous!! I'm going to have to catch them at a concert sometime, because it's kind of sad that I never saw them in concert before. I feel ashamed. An actual good band, and I'm missing out!
    And you got to see them twice, like in the same week/weekend period, that's just extra fablicious.

    tbh I have quite a few members on this forum as FB friends. I will typically accept them if I know who they are and I've talked to them somewhat. (I made pretty good relationships with several members from this forum o_O ) So we can be FB friends if that's what you're asking.
    Farewell. Best of luck doing whatever it is 21 year olds that don't watch a children's anime anymore do. :p
    You're right, as long as we've got people like Juputoru, V-Faction, and the others around, things can't get too much further out of the line that was drawn outside of the real line.

    So, see ya Suikun, and good luck in life!

    It must be there. I mean someone must have recorded out of the whole concert. I would. :3
    BTW, I've un-hidden my e-mail after all these years, so if you want to keep in touch via e-mail or even Facebook, hit me up.
    I'm going to miss you, S.Suikun. Having you around counted as one of this forum's redeeming qualities, you know. It was a pleasure to have met you.

    Good luck with your endeavors. Best wishes, in fact; what a coincidence!

    Take care. =)
    it was nice to have you on staff too, i'm glad you enjoyed it for the short time you were here haha. thanks, and good luck with your life too =)
    HAHA one of the truest things said in a long time!
    This forum in the future ..dear help them!

    AND YOU ARE SO LUCKY! You saw Muse and you're breaking out of this hellhole! You don't want to die remembering this place, nono, RUN FREE! :)
    Bliss is beautiful.
    Since there is no doubt a lot of confusion and alarm about my departure from staff and eventually the forums, allow me to be brief:
    This was nobody's fault. I am merely tired of the franchise. I have kept up with Pokemon for 12 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. But it's time for me to move on. I will always treasure forum memories, but I have a career and a life to start planning beyond Pokemon. Farewell! :)

    (I'll continue responding to messages for at least a few more days.)

    You're not a mod anymore?


    Well, there goes PAD.

    I would type you some grand farewell speech, but frankly, I'm too lazy. So I'll be blunt.

    Farewell and thank you for the laughs.

    Okay, that's too sappy. So...uh...see ya later.
    It sucks how you are demodded, although it is probably because of how the PAD is getting quite annoying. Many threads keep on being made because no realizes that there is a Best Wishes Thread. Threads I make there usually die down in a short time and my threads there haven't broken the rules.

    At least now you don't have to worry about the PAD, although you were a great mod.

    Boy, it does reek here...

    Exactly why do I come here again? Oh, that's right, I enjoy watching all of the monkeys fling poo at each other. And by monkeys, I mean trolls, and by poo, I mean poo.

    And thank you!
    I love it how you try to immediately delete my thread that has the name Dawn in the title, but these "dumb" threads are still open. You are being a little too transparent with your bias and that will cost you.

    Its likely for the best that Misty and Dawn didn't meet

    Its like everyone forgot about Dawn/Brock already, Iris/Dento have overshadowed them

    Its odd how Ash's original two travel companions got it worse off overall
    Hey, I was wondering, did you notice one of those trio things, looks really familiar? I think they're all deer/elk like, ESPECIALLY THE GREEN ONE......
    Aw maaaaan, and I just got done yelling at people to go to the current Next Pokemon Thread for mindless "Ash needs to catch THIS!" speculation. But it is done. will be done in a few minutes, lag permitting.
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