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  • After being back from having a life ( don´t know how I got one...hard to get rid off) I checked the Pokesho comic. At times like this I wish Yamato-san would still be around this place to play the translation-guy like he did with other Pokésho comics. This elite 4 thingie needs a translation. Best part was Drake sudden death of old age. Insane stories are what Pokésho is best at. This and senseless, borderline ecchi.
    Having read what you PMed me, I can only conclude this:
    Every Pokesho comic needs to involve Bibarel. (although Probopass would also be acceptable)
    *50 years later*
    S.Suikun, ya old billy goat. Thanks for the Banjo-based classics from back in the good ol’ days. Rest assured, the phonograph put ‘em to good use.
    Hey S. Suikun, which game for 2009 are you most looking forward too?

    Also, happy new year!
    I can get on in a moment, after I'm done with BCVM22.
    Your price.

    However... It seems AC:CF WiFi may be temporarily down.

    "Our servers may be trying to handle an unusually high amount of traffic (especially if you are trying to play online with a recently-released or popular game, or if there is a new Wii system update). Please retry your connection later"
    Ah, shows you how in-tune I am. Anyways, I've just downloaded it. I suppose it'll be good for filling Dattebayo's overprotective house with the sounds of obscene language once I obtain his FC.
    Sounds fun, but I sold City Folk.

    We could always WiiSpeak Channel, but I'm afraid I have to sell my Wii, too.
    So S.Suikun, did you like your presents?

    I got Wario Ware for the GCN for $10. I also got Kirby Super Star Ultra, and Ocarina of Time/Master Quest.
    I should Hitlup you up for some Boo(i)ze(l), since you certainly don't need any more of that this Christmas, you Auraholic.

    Or maybe I should quit while I'm ahead when wishing people Merry Christmas!
    No ambiguously gay frog games, but I DID get an alarm clock. This, I feel, was an acceptable substitute.
    Hope Santa got you that Bippa Ray you always wanted!
    Dirt cheap eh? We're talking about Tesco value dirt here, right? Not that high brow, diamond-encrusted Tiffany's brand? Because the former is very much in my price range.
    In any case, the DS is old hat. Shovelware consoles are where true happiness lies, and after pondering it for 2-ish days, I think I'll buy it for Nintendo's party (game) machine.
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