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  • Stop making me consider a purchase of Animal Crossing with your amusing episode review-related tomfoolery, you cad!
    I don't know how you come up with some of the...randomosity you do, but keep doing it, man. Well funny.

    Dan <3
    I'm so happy we're finally getting a Disney crossover and breaking those barriers between Japanese and American animation. This show has certainly started being truly innovative ever since Dattebayo was promoted to chief director, hasn't it? The addition of Pluto to the cast will hopefully pave the way for such other lovable classic characters as Roger Rabbit and Spongebob Squarepants. Seriously, who needs Kingdom Hearts 3 now?
    Wow, where in the world did this come from?!?
    Oh dear, so many birthday wishes, half of which are from people who I have no idea who the hell they are. I can't even legally drink yet, people, but nevertheless, cheers to all. Get ready to enjoy yet another year of my loathesome, racist, hung-over, sarcastic hate speech.
    I suppose I owe you a birthday message since you posted one in my visitor messages too.

    Happy birthday to blah blah blah October 16th is the best day to blah blah blah cake blah blah we really got gipped in eps that aired on our birthday didn't we? blah blah christmas only comes once a year blah blah Nae-muku.HANDBAG rays of woepass blah blah.

    I never was that good at these "generic tidings of the day of your birth" things.
    Happy birthday! May Muku.BIRD bless you with a with an even better sense of humor than before. And no more idiots in the Anime Discussion forums. Yeah...good luck with that last one. :p
    Just thought i'd wish you a Happy Birthday :) Happened to recognise you from the list of birthdays at the bottom, and thought Why not? Haven't noticed any of the others posting as much as you, and seeing as you contribute the most to this forum, you win this lengthy and babbling wallpost!! Yay for you!!
    Happy annual celebratory 24 hours pertaining to the anniversary of your birth.
    It's a greeting with heart.
    It's your birthday.

    As a gift, TV Tokyo gave you some episode with the Pokemon with the worst name ever. :0

    You know what they say, you sow what you reap. ;)
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