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  • I'm surprised no one else has done this yet, but...

    Happy birthday!

    EDIT: Dang it, Luigi beat me to the punch. Stupid Internet connection...
    Sorry to dump more generic meat product on this most sacred of forum profiles, but that new signature of yours was enough to tempt me into doing so.
    I especially liked how you emphesised Koji's incredible power of being able to ingest Gravy in his Liquid Forme, despite his species unfortunate lack of pie-hole.

    Sadly I haven't stumbled across any of your recent posts in the promised land and thus continued to miss oppourtunies to steer some more-than-likely cruddy thread in the direction of a 'Lets make this about Suikun's sig' discussion. Life; It stinks.
    I´ve got so many questions about your new sig...
    Why do I look so angry? Is that what you think of me?
    A mad teddybear?
    Why am I eatig poor Sushi?
    Has anyone ever solved the mysterious Cybercubed?
    Why am I so sad that V-Faction is dead? ;_;

    and...Why is your new sig so awesome?
    I challenge you to a game of Smash Bros. First one to beat their sibling to a pulp with a blunt object wins!
    My counter-offer: a battle of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots that will determine the fate of all worlds. The winner gets all the power in the universe, while the loser shall be forced to play Superman 64 repeatedly for all eternity. We shall meet at the Colosseum at the break of dawn. Don't be late.
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