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    As a moderator I am trying to set an example of maturity for other members to then follow and take into account when posting on your profile.
    Well now that DP is over, its time old veterans like us retire from the series after a 13 year run. :)

    I at least plan on watching the first 5 or so BW eps just to see what Iris and Dento are like, but then its officially time to move on.

    Its been a fun ride to say the least, although I'll still linger on the forums till at least the end of the year.
    I kind of made a little grammatical mistake in a recent thread I made in the Anime Spoilers. I accidentally put exlcuding instead of excluding in it. If you can change it, that would be good. If not, that's OK.
    Yes, I know about her not watching it. It looks like MOD get bore of things they keep in place. Encyclopika quit Anime after becoming a MOD, Chelc stopped all those Shipping stuff and now you too. But maybe its better that way. When we watch Anime we strat seeing the character as a person but to one not watching it, its just a fictional character with nothing special. So when you have nothing favorite then it is easy to look into matter without emotions for a character. You will see a fan as a normal person who just gets too involved into things and it will be easy handling things that way.
    I heard that you will stop watching Anime when BW start to air. Do you think it would be easy since you are a mod in Anime section? Or are you thinking of leaving modship too?
    haha that's brilliant lol! I love your pun on things! It's absolouetly brilliant! But you are a comical person and that is great in its own right lol!
    Haha lol! That sounds like an epic job, me I'm from the UK so I'd like a little taster please lol :)
    Hey there! How does one do? Things be good? Just a little quick question, are you from the UK?
    Alas, have yer landlubbin' ears not heard? Them BW topics be like the hydra, for if one topic be closed five more'll spring up ter replace 'em. Although I be not opposed to tormentin' them topic starters anyway.
    Raise yer glass, me hearty, for ye vile Character Discussions is slain at long last! Now if only we could do something about ye vile overabundance of BW threads.
    I know that Serebii is the one to post the Episode Discussion Threads in the Episode Discussion Thread Sub-Forum, but it still would be best to tell a PAD Mod, like you, about this. Those threads should be made after the episode fully airs, so crap is not posted there about each episode every ten seconds. You've got people like adnyiz & Ash-kid posting the same crap, when we can see the episode eventually and therefore don't need this commentary. It's just a way for them to raise their postcounts. It is starting to get annoying too.

    4 more episodes till DP finally ends. Goodness, we were all so young back in 2006!

    I want to watch at least the first 5 or so BW eps, just to see what Iris and Dento are like, but besides that I do plan on taking a hiatus from the anime.

    If the show ever ends, I'll probably catch up on what i missed, but for right now its really time to take a break.
    I think you, or some other PAD Mod should close the thread detailing the possibility of DP168 being skipped in the Dub since it has been confirmed that the episode wont be skipped and the episode already aired in the US. Just thought I'd point that out.
    Sorry for my post in the Season 13 Dub Titles Thread. I'm just the type of person that doesn't like it when people disobey the rules. *sigh*
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