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  • "Your constant flame baiting and delusional joke posting is almost as irritating as your consistent complaining about being penalized. Your attitude toward members of the forum staff is also sickening. I have given more moderate infractions to you up until this point, but given how you have single-handedly killed 2 or 3 BW topics with your incessant trolling, you get the full troll infraction this time." - S.Suikun

    I love the fact that I am being smeared by this load and constantly keep getting banned and infracted, while actual trolls, ie. CyberCubed, barely get a slap on his wrist. Misty fans keep spamming about her cameo even in BW threads. I just give my opinion of why Dawn (a current character) will stay and I get insulted. This is just pure bias and prejudice of opinion and Serebii will hear of this.
    I have a question..
    are mods the only people that can close threads? or does the person that opend that thread can do that too?
    With Cade()Harrow, I think maybe his account got hacked by The Mighty Lord Ares who did that "hi please" bull crap. The previous account supposedly got hacked since then everything was fine until more recently where it probably got hacked since. With the old one, when everything was fine, he/she told me that he/she hadn't been on for a while and went on to find out he/she had been banned and made the current account and now this happened. At least he doesn't ruin sections like Clubs, Fanfictions & RPGs. Although it's always the PAD, isn't it?

    The Mighty Lord Ares's main enjoyment in life was ruining forums which is kind of sad especially considering how I think he is a real creature and not a spambot.

    When Cade()Harrow was banned, I'm guessing it wasn't a permanent ban?
    his "hi please" gets annoying, and now I know, next time if he makes a topic, I won't respond so i won't receive an infraction.
    What is with that Cade Harrow dude? Is he trolling on purpose or is he just very underage or has mental issues?
    Why was I the only one that receieved an infraction on that topic?

    i'm just wondering.

    oop nvm I just saw your post.
    Oh, and I think I should put something in my sig, saying your idea, "Kwik-e-mart shipping: I KNEW SHE HAD DARK SKIN!", I won't feel like an idiot for saying she's black XD
    Yep. I think its just that 13 years feels like enough and time to move on. I always intend to rewatch the older arcs though, so its not like I won't rewatch episodes from time to time.

    I think the main reason we stuck with it so long is we all eventually thought it was building to a conclusion. What's the point of watching a show that never ends? Sitting through the BW arc and then having to sit through a 6th gen saga and beyond...meh. Pokemon really is going to be like "Simpsons," and probably will go on for 20+ years or so.

    I do intend on watching at least the first 5 or so BW episodes, just to see what Iris is like and the few changes, but beyond that I'll probably just casually follow it but not watch it that much.

    And you're right, if DP wasn't all the same arc, I probably would have zoned out around 2009 or so, but what kept me going is wanting to see how DP ended. I wanted to see this saga through from start to finish, such as how Galactic would end, Pokehunter J would end, the climax of the Paul battle, how Dawn's arc would end, and how Ash's Sinnoh team would end up like.

    I just think its also the fatigue of Sinnoh going on for 4 years. On paper it was a good idea, but seeing one arc stretched over 4 years of time was exhausting.

    Anyway, if the show does eventually end someday, I'll make sure to catch the final episodes and watch all the final tournaments again.

    13 years was a great run, I had fun watching the series, but it looks like DP will be it for many of the shows veterans. We can't be expected to watch it forever, obviously. And as said, I'll always enjoy rewatching some of my favorite eps from Seasons 1-13.

    My thank you very much for compliments,thats nice to hear from you.Ok sometimes to this day i tend to go overboard with som things(meh humans are not perfect what to say),but i learned that sometimes its better to raise head above some things following wiser way.

    Btw whats up with you lately?We havent talked "forever".
    Thanks for the compliment. It really means a lot when moderators say those nice things to members. I will keep up the good work!
    Aww... thanks a lot Suikun.
    It really means a lot to me :D
    Thanks for the appreciation, last year was kind of hard for me due to all those strikes and stuff but I tried to avoid those things since then which really worked (I guess).
    Ya sure, I'll keep up the good work and try my best to provide informative stuff to my beloved forum.
    Thanks again :)
    You, Encyclopika and Jeputoru need to chill with the closing of threads in Anime Spoilers. As it is clearly seen, there is no flaming, heated arguments. Only little "provocative" comments here and there that doesn't hurt anyone. People are only voicing their opinions/thoughts on the new series. I also dislike the hyperbolic language some mods use, ie. "reeks of baiting", "weird/slighly sleazy/completely pointless", "lure certain trolls out", "please shut up. You don't know us". I thought this forum would be a little more professional and not remind me of a high school setting. Having a slew of closed threads and users make new ones because they don't have nothing else to discuss, might not be that good for the server lag either.
    M'kay folks, I'm gone until next week, so I won't have any time to respond to your hate mail until then. Don't treat the other mods TOO badly. ;)
    Is any discussion about BW supposed to be in the PAD? I want to know before I use that button.
    so you are allergic to forum speculation discussions? 95% of what is written in the forum is pure speculation. it would be fun discussing a character's new wardrobe. since Dawn used up her Platinum costume, what would she wear if she made the obligatory cameo, etc. its the mods that ruin the fun, everyone else just laughs at the fanboys.
    if i make a thread about what will be Dawn's clothes for BW (either for her cameo or any other appearance) it should be ok?
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