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  • You seem to pointlessly close my topics. I see plenty of other "pointless" threads still open, Isshu Team Twist, So once BW starts, its safe to say all of Ash's friends have been, "retired", Heracross having Sleep Talk confuses me. Typical topics based on people's musings. But why are my threads the ones that are constantly closed by you?
    I think you are unfairly targeting them. Just because its not a topic you personally don't like does not mean you can delete without a proper reason. I followed the forum rules, you should also follow the ones for mods or at least some etiquette.
    hi can you do something aout the movie 13 thread

    everyone going on about Zoroa tranforming into Dawn and stuff about her skirt and it getting abit annoying imo.

    osrry for the trouble
    Has it already been confirmed that Hikari and Takeshi are not going to show up in any further seasons? I looked it up and no official site revealed any information about it. I hear people already saying they aren't confirmed but not showing where this information came from.
    Thanks for watching the video you dumb *****!!! I don't see you making any videos. And don't hate on my home boy.
    With this talk about Brock leaving, you might have to change the Brock Question in the PAD FAQ if he really does leave after DP ends and BW starts. For now, the question could just stay the way it is. By the way, thanks for making the new thread for the PAD Rules & FAQ.
    haha yes that is exactly what I meant lol! I did enjoy your modding tactics back then! You were different to all the other mods at the time! Now everyone else is copying you lol!
    And if you are looking into the matter than there are also those league threads. We don't need more than one of them. I don't know how you are gonna do it(the selection) but I am hoping you will clear the things.
    Could you make your sig have something to do with Iris being black (or indian). I've just been making way too many jokes, and I think we should start using them. YESWECANshipping, or MYHIPSDON'TLIEshipping, and don't ignore the fact that the female character seems to be black or indian (especially with her attire, which I love)
    I've just left this message to thank you for voting for me in the "SPPf Member Survey".

    Thank you
    Ah. I joined basically in the middle of the DP Saga. Yeah, CyberCubed is annoying with all those posts. At least DP will probably be over by DP192 or something, although now you guys should expect some Dawn Leaving Threads soon. Some members just NEVER listen.
    Wow, you and the other PAD Mods have closed a lot of threads since the Suzuran Conference started(which was today), right? It must be annoying when thousands of the same threads are made in the PAD, or thousands of threads in general. That's why I usually don't make too many threads in the PAD. Not to mention that there are a lot of annoying members there. Has the PAD always been this rough?
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