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  • Wow, 2 years in a row you remember my birthday... I'm so glad you quietly have respect for me but still sorta joke about me.

    Thanks pal!
    Hey S.Suikun, how do you feel about DK Country Returns and Kirby's Epic Yarn?

    Personally, I'm looking forward to Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater. Here's hoping they do it the way I want them to do it.
    Thanks. Just did. If I put it in the wrong place, feel free to move it, and I'm sorry. I hope I did well enough, I don't post many new topics.
    Thanks, S. Suikun
    Hullo, S. Suikun. I'd like to take you up on your offer and make a "General Minor Character/CotD Discussion" thread.
    Thanks in advance,
    You managed to isolate yourself from HGSS so thoroughly that you didn't know about the new TR admins? Impressive!

    And to be honest, I don't know what Lubba is or where he/she/it is from, so we're even. A stalemate it is! Lots of exclaimation marks! I feel like an episode title!
    Silly S. Suikun, gender is a standard feature on all robots since the J-5000 series. Unfortunately, it seems that humans still have trouble telling the difference between the male and female models.
    *bzzt...initiating next conversation thread...*

    Unfortunately for you, even though Lubba's more adorable than Super Paper Mars...Super Paper Athena is cuter than both of them, and my avatar is of her! Mwahahaha!

    Not that I blame you for getting confused by my avatar. Athena and Mars look awfully similar, and we can't all have the attention to detail needed to notice the little red R in my av.
    Oh god, that would make my day! I love those so much. I feel bad about how the aztec god left the society, and promised to return, but the promise made them trust the spanairds too much...
    Though, that would be awesome. Weird how a snake has four limbs. I just figure it'll end up like treeko line, cause of the cool and calm nature, the pose, you know.
    Weird, all the grass types have been reptiles XD. Only two have been on 2 feet XD
    By the way, just re-read our discussion. I just thought of how awesome some of the evolutions will be! I think the pig will either go in a direction that spoink went (cute pig), or in a more boar direction like swinub, or maybe a domestic pig. I believe the snake will end up similar to treeko's evolutions. The otter. Well, probably will end up like Buizel's evolution. Or maybe the other water final evolutions, frightening, and yet so *** kickingly awesome!
    In general, I think we'll enjoy the evolutions.
    I've been trying to be a bit wiser by using logical reasons why my own opinions are valid (Ex: Baby Mario characters shouldn't be playable in Mario spin-off games as they create a time paradox in the Mario universe), and they still hate me for it.
    Is it a really good idea to change your opinions completely and use the same opinions as the users who hate your guts for your own opinions in order to gain their respect? I'm experiencing this in this forum right now.
    Streetlightdsb you need to shut the **** up you boring ***got and this its a warning for Serebiiforums.net, i'm going to make you ***gots pay for your no it all which non of you don't and wether you guys like it or not there was all ways a love & hate thing between Ash & Hunter J not a hate and hate thing which was never a fact at all, plus non of you no that Hunter j its dead or a live so stop making it a fact or i will kill you.
    If you take a look in the Johto Saga Underrated thread, there's someone called hack. I'm pretty sure it's another eburnell@rocketmail (or whatever he was called) alt. It seems like it anyway. Just thought you might like to take a look :)
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