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  • Darn it. At least we didn't start before you were dragged out of the house, I guess. I have had some trouble with my computer so I may not be able to contact you on this site at that time, but I'll go on at that time regardless. So, if you cannot contact me around 4:30, you should still try going on wifi and I'll likely be there.
    Sorry I missed this message (by a few hours). I should be on for a while, so if you see that I'm on, send me a VM immediately (I always check them as soon as I see that I have recieved any). Also, I am on Pacific time, so that should make this easier.
    How about today? I would be glad to battle any time today. My mom has back problems and is not able to drive me to school today so I have to stay home anyway.
    Okay, since I didn't want to clog the forum I decided to speak to you outside the club thread. Because it is possible that we will be battling in the next day or so, I would like to know how you are available as far as time. It is now 7:44 AM for me, so if you compare that to your current time and get back to me on how different our timezones are we could figure something out for if we go up against each other. I have written down your FC from your signature and enterred it into the pal pad in one of my games, so if you check my post in the club thread from earlier you should be pretty capable of organizing a battle.
    thanks for the add. My name's Chris and I am really pleased to meet you. Always good to know fellow politicians^^
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