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Nov 23, 2008
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    1. ~Magic Thunderbolt~
      ~Magic Thunderbolt~
      Oui. Yes, in fact I read it a long time ago.
    2. Blaine's Cousin
      Blaine's Cousin
      So far i've seen three chapters of it, but the music on the explanation of the "wedding accident" in the first chapter was incredible. Same goes for the battle selections.

      As well, hahahahaha! they caught the mere essence of Allen in the series, even with the gestures and those expressions of his when he's scared or startled! XD
    3. Blaine's Cousin
      Blaine's Cousin
      Well, recently i finished seeing both Eureka Seven and Tokyo Underground.

      And as soon as i finished with those, i'm watching:

      - D-gray Man (as i'm hooked with the manga, i wanna see the difference of it in the series)
      - One piece (A...kind friend gave me the entire series up to where they are now in the anime, so i'm seeing it as i got way out of track on it...an also i've been reading the manga online, so i also wanna see the differences there)
      - Elf wo Sagashite (Those who Hunt Elves. Kinda old one, but a lot of friends have recommended me this serie time after time, so i'm finally sitting to see it.)

      Alongside them i also am watching Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's (the Konami one, not 4Kids one. It's not that bad in reality), and well, Pokemon (LOL *feels guilty*), but with pokemon...i just see it with latin american dubbing due to the hilarious jokes and random things they insert to give more life to the situations of the chapters XD.
    4. Blaine's Cousin
      Blaine's Cousin
      Yeah. 1983. It wasn't until i had like 8 years, in the 90's, that i began to get very interested in anime. That was when i saw "Robotech" (Harmony Gold's translation of Macross).

      Thought i had seen a lot of old anime before (Captain Harlock, Astro boy, Captain Tsubasa, Time Bokan, Mazinger Z, to name a few), it wasn't until Macross that i got deeply interested.

      And then i discovered both Ghost Sweeper Mikami and Jigoku Sensei Nube. Years later from that...

      Heh, i still remember the pain it was to get all the Volumes of Nube in that time. Good days indeed.
    5. Blaine's Cousin
      Blaine's Cousin
      Well, what can i say?, the series has its charm, and as well, the storyline is well done.

      It had a lot of humorous parts(some of them involved the twisted/perverted mind of Yokoshima, which happens to be Mikami's Assistant by-force), but the paranormal themes were very good and interesting.
    6. Blaine's Cousin
      Blaine's Cousin
      Not really.
      Back when the Anime secion was young (in the early days of Serebii), three friends and i had a thread for paranormal series, being Jigoku Sensei Nube the pillar of it, followed with GS Mikami. We were supposed to give some opinions and recommendations of these kind of series...sadly, i was the only one of the four that remained when the forums made the change to be what they are now.

      Good times indeed. Nube is one of my most favorite anime and manga up to this date.
    7. ~Magic Thunderbolt~
      ~Magic Thunderbolt~
      Eh. Too much liberals and hippies on my lawn. I dislike fundamentalist conservatives too though.

      Extremes are evil, in any case.
    8. muumajii23
      Your sig made me laugh REALLY hard. xD

      Just thought I'd put that out there...
    9. Honchkrow
      LOL sir, I'm only 18.....Making me feel old before my time XD
    10. Honchkrow
      Sorry double posted by mistake, darn IE.
    11. Profesco
      Oh, phew. Well, the body slam idea is great, yeah. Have you had somebody wake you up that way before? I have, in fact. =3
    12. Profesco
      Hey, wait a second... Is that to say that a panty-clad schoolgirl is my sort of wake up call? Lol, I promise I'm no perv. ^_^;
    13. Profesco

      That is adorable. XD
    14. Profesco
      Gasp! You're taunting with that forbidden knowledge of the newest Pokemon movie! D=

      Anyway, nice talking with you. Sleep well! ^_^
    15. Profesco
      Ahaha, it was listed as such, yes. There are loads of Pokemon I adore, though, so that option can change at any moment. You have other favorites besides Mew, right? ^_^
    16. Profesco
      Thanks. ^_^

      And actually, that avatar was made for me by a spriter here on the forum. A link to his profile is in my signature.
    17. Profesco
      Yes, that was an MS Paint invention from a while back. ^_^;
    18. Profesco
      Glad I could be of service, S31R31. ^_^

      Oh, and while I'm here, I have to mention how amusing your signature is. Very nice. XP
    19. Orihime
      *Raging fangasm*
    20. Orihime
      Isn't it a clip of Greed and Ed fighting at Dante's mansion?
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