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  • I get this question a lot omg. But, that's Palmon, not Palamon, lol. I made a mistake in 2007 thinking my favorite Digimon was called Palamon and it stuck ever since.

    Palamon is... actually apparently a character from A Knights Tale. & I'm doing good. Been writing an oc genshin fanfiction. It's a wild 500,000+ word ride.
    Well, we're growing up, so what do. <_<

    Maybe if had a Skype or Line, we could talk some more...
    Yeah, years ago. When I was a kid. I've changed some, I guess I'm not as annoying and don't type in yellow anymore. xD
    Ahhh, I missed you by 6 days. ;; I'm doing alright. When was the last time we talked? Aha.
    I go on a forum called Slateport right now, so I don't check here a whole lot.
    Oh! So I take it you played PMD Explorers of Sky and played the Bonus episode Here comes Team Charm? Well if Medicham wants to get in bed with me I think theres room for one more ;)
    Yeah! lol It's just something I always do. I always use the Legendary cover mascot of whatever game I'm playing. I've always done it and plan to keep doing it as long as Legendary Pokemon are used as the cover mascots for the games!
    Thank you! I never like the people that try to guilt you into saying that, so I spread the word without doing that.
    Rock on yourself!
    I see we have alot in common. ^_^ We both breed to perfection, cheat/hack our way to victory, ect. Wanna be friends?
    I meant the rant, people are entitled to play Pokemon to play in whatever way they please & enjoy themselves. If someone enjoys to hack, I have nothing against that. I'm tired of people trying to force Tyrannitars signature, & Karen's quote down your throat. It gets annoying after a while.
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