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  • nothing much from which i would say it is special, there are a few remakes of gold silver coming which the site is hyped up about plus the arceus event is coming soon in japan.

    and sadly the wi-fi in the contests were just gossip, people said there was also wi-fi in the underground but neither of them were true.
    Yeah you used to do puzzles in your signature and offer Pokémon as prizes. I got a few of them right but never claimed the prizes, I just enjoyed the puzzles to be fair. You should get some more on the go man

    Long time no speak old friend. You need to get some more of them puzzles up, I used to enjoy figuring them out!
    hello saberu,
    i still have the problem with the explorerkits, i also have a AR which i often use to clone things with so if you have the solution for it which can't harm the game then it would be very appreciated.

    those explorerkits are a thorn in my eye just like those event keyitems which a friend
    put there to experiment with.
    Okay then I'm in a contest With my infernape I have all three fully evolved formed starters... I started with turtwig a long time ago.
    Then later my friend gave me a piplup egg.
    Then much later I played my pearl on my friends DS traded myself my monferno evolved it bred it now that way I have my own. (pokehorse on SPPF is my BFF in real life) Considering I beat the elite 4 17 times in my game (17 hall of fame entries I think that is how many I have.)
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