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  • Ho Ho Ho! Merry a long way until Christmas! CFKJFJFVKLKJJIRKLMTOLKFL. I am also a very very very very very very strange and weird person. I hug poles and walls. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    Yes, I am odd.

    I don't think I know you... but that's okay. I am also eccentric, weird, and a little insane.
    Lol, you're an odd person aren't you? :)

    Why would it be such a suprise that i visited your profile? and from the way you posted it would seem that you already knew me from somewhere :p
    Saberu I need your help to get more members to the Torchic lovers group. Just ask people on their profiles if they want to join. :)
    ScorpionX was a visitor here? Scorpions... T_T

    Your username scares me...

    Welcome to my profile! I added pronunciation.
    My favorite Pokémon constantly changes. Sometimes it's milotic, sometimes sableye, sometimes blaziken or torchic but never mawlie or pinser!!

    Did I spell that right?
    Thanks Our Torchic Mascot Just learned those attacks
    It even works for the rock/psychic types, just not really well. That's the hardest one.
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