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Hello! My username is Sable-Xeno...though, some friends may call me "Maxx". I'm rather a nice guy to be around...cool, collected, but a bit bashful, I believe myself to be somewhat knowledgeable amongst my peers...but not to the point of being condenscending. I was also rather unsocial, for a time, but that sort of went away, after a while.

Sable:"HEY! Aren't you going to introduce me?"

Well...no. This is MY profile, after all. not yours.

Sable:"but that's MY face that's on your profile picture!"

That's enough out of you. if people want to read about you, they can just check the...thing...in the place...at the thing.

(and if you can't tell already, I also enjoy RP's.)

some of my hobbies include videogames, TV, and drawing (It's a sometimes thing).

Of my favorite videogame franchises, there's Pokemon(well, why else would I be posting here?), pretty much ANYTHING Nintendo, Scribblenauts, Klonoa, Smash Bros., Sonic, and...a lot of other things.

I also love making friends! Chances are, by the time you've finished reading this, I may have already sent out a Friend Request...but If you'd prefer not to, then I don't mind.

(Also, that aforementioned Profile Pic was drawn by a good friend of mine, FinalSoraRiku of Untamed Heart, whom drew it for me to use. Just thought I should credit him for that.)

POKEMON. Klonoa. and MLP. Also, drawing, TV, internet, ect.
The internet, apparently.
Favourite Pokémon
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{Artwork drawn by Somnax (FA), 5th Gen mugshot templates made by Pokemon-Diamond (DA).}

(Claims:Red Savarin, Klonoa 2, Lucario)​