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  • Zephraxe: I'm not overly fond if my mind being read, but... oh well... I know all about Lucario, by the way. I do have one with me, after all.
    Sable:"Huh. It would seem that man is approaching me. Hold on...your name is Zephraxe, and you are curious if I've seen a person named Athléta? Don't be alarmed- Lucario are naturally telepathic. I'm afraid I haven't seen this Athléta, though. But I'm sure we'll find her If we look carefully enough. I'm Sable, by the way. I too, am looking for something...in due time, though. In due time."
    Zephraxe: Hm? *Sees Sable approaching* Is that... A Lucario? *Begins making his way towards Sable* Maybe it's seen Athéla...
    OOC: Okay, so I am a human character. If you want to be a Pokémon, that is fine. Here's what my character looks like. He's 17-years old.

    Zephraxe: *Has Go-Goggles on* It's so hard to see through this sandstorm. *Sighs* I can't believe I lost Athéla... I hope she's safe.
    "I'm a bidoof! and I'm incredibly friendly!"

    It would seem so.

    Sable:"Well, that was sudden. And what's your name, little fella?"

    Bidoof:"My name's Bidoof!"

    Sable:"Uh, okay...I'm just gonna call you Travis, then. I guess."
    Sure! It might not last, just as a quick warning... I have quite a few other RPs in progress.

    Shall this be a Pokémon RP? If so, where will the setting be?
    (and if you can't tell already, I also enjoy RP's.)
    Let us get down to business. Pokémon RP?
    Hi, thanks for the FR. Just curious, though, but why'd you send me one? ;p

    Anyway,how're you doing?
    If an image is from a video game/anime/whatever the like and you yourself did not screenshot/edit/draw that picture, you must source where you got that picture from. It's the polite thing to do.
    That's good! I wish I could get in touch with a couple of my friends who barely ever come on here. But I barely ever see them online on PSS either, so I don't really have any means of contacting them.
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