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  • Hello.

    If you can, will you please translate the Pokedex entries of all the Pokemon that are on the B2W2 Coro Coro scans for me? And verify if those Pokedex entries are new ones and not recycled from older Pokemon games?

    Oh hey there, what's up?

    Totally laughed on the inside when I read that you gave Paul those dolphin Pokemon rumours in the BW pre-release. :p
    I'm glad you've gotten great enough to be a translator. Congrats. I'm going good too, my JNP is getting better everyday. But, truthfully I've been pretty lazy :p

    Otherwise school is going great, mostly gearing up to get ready to graduate the 10th grade.
    Miyamoto said if he was going to do anymore remakes for the 3Ds it'd be Link's Awakening. But yeah, with SS close to finished and OoT finished there's a possibility someone's working on something (even if it's just a tech trailer for e3 that doubles as an announcement for a new Game). Bleh
    I don't know if anyone told you this, but links awakaning is available in the 3ds Eshop
    Well, actually, I was asking because I was curious about the JP message for the friend board to see if what it said was ever changed.
    You never started a DW account with either your US or JP versions, right?
    I'm actually a bit curious. At then end of the episode did Ash, and Shooti agree to battle again? He didn't seem to leave on bad terms. I was also curious as to what Shooti was seemingly lecturing to Iris about Ice Types, it seemed to anger her a bit.
    The next 5 episodes have more summaries, could you translate them, when you can and if you could, that would be nice.
    Word meaning time! ^^

    What does nante and kitto mean?

    Also, aren't wa/no/mo/de/etc. used like prepositons/auxilary verbs? Details please.
    Could you translate the two new summaries in episode 33's thread? Whenever is good for you, if you don't want to, it's cool too.
    Yeah, that's the gist of what I was trying to ask.

    That sounds much better than what I originally wrote. Thanks a bunch!
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