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  • Hello. I'm planning on asking a question on Netkun's Q@A, but my Japanese is limited and I don't want to make myself look an idiot in front of professionals. If you could be so kind, may you confirm if this is grammatically correct?

    いつか。。。 ポケモンスペシャルのアニメが作成されます。あなたは幸せだろうか?
    Hi, sorry if this has been asked alot but do you have a link which has the whole English dialogue of B/W?
    Hey remember when you translated that info earlier in the year, where it talked about Keldeo to be released with a 4th Pokemon Ranger game and you got the information from 2ch, well Dengeki Nintendo magazine said that there will be a new game coming out soon, could be that.
    There are some summaries of BW032, if you can, could you translate them, please?

    サトシたちがいつものようにバトルの特訓をしていると、1体の“わたたまポケモン”モンメンが現れた。デン トが言うには、この時期になるとモンメンは集団で行動し、カップルになって飛び立っていくらしい。このモン メンはその群れからはぐれてしまったようだ。しかしそれには理由があった!

    ズルッグが草の茂みの先でもう1体モンメンを見つけたのだ。どうやら最初に出会ったモンメンは、このモンメ ンのことが好きで追ってきたようだ。カップル成立のためには自分の強さを見せつけなければいけないのが、モ ンメンたちのルール。だが、最初に出会ったモンメンはバトルにあっさり負けてしまう。悔しそうに追いすがる 姿を見たサトシたちは、バトルの特訓をすることに…。

    Nah, he isn't black, he is a bit big though, but I wouldn't mind either way and yeah, people would probably call that racist. But it is a weird name anyway.
    Hey, it's no problem, thanks for the translations, there are two new summaries that I posted, along with bad translations, of Episode 31, the episode about Oshawott, if you feel like it and if you have time.
    Would it be too much to ask, for you to translate the latest Movie 14 trailer, on the movie website. If so, sorry, just wanted to know what they were saying.
    Thanks.^^ I was especially curious since 'mou' is a Bangla (my mothertongue) word as well, meaning 'honey'.

    Would you mind if I bother you with asking meaning of japanese words sometimes? I love the language and am really enthusiastic to learn it.
    Hey, do you still have your other signatures laying around?
    I always liked how well they all went together, and it's nice to have around for future "THEY DON'T LOOK LIKE POKEMON" arguments that may arise.
    I really love your translations on the inspirations of the 5th gen Pokémon and characters. Unfortunately I've only seen two Pokémon posts and the Elite Four inspirations. Could you please give me a link to them all if you have them, I don't want you to go to any trouble though.
    Last night I called cyber out on he always overreacts over everything and I come back and the thread has exploded

    I fear to look at it even more than normal threads. You could say there's....
    too much filler
    @Cyber, you misunderstand me. I'm saying that you have no idea if these are fillers or not and that assuming they are (based merely on their title) and decrying the death of BW are premature at best, dumb at worst.

    You do know who you're talking to, right?

    Also the dub refers to Oshawott's shell as a "Scalchop"
    I KNOW RIGHT?! I was going in there with like 25 hyper potions and 20 revives and slapped an exp share on the guy I was leveling and all "IMMA BEAT YOU UP" and nothing
    can't beat them up anymore after you defeat Miles

    Totoro, eh? Can't say I don't like these little mental images~
    So I got a Tornadus off the GTS and noticed it had a nickname
    Let's see, I think the name is... トトロ
    Any idea what it is?
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