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  • No problem.
    Now as an added bonus I can nab a Tornadus of my very own off the GTS because I'm crazy and want one of each Pokemon within my boxes.

    I am dangerously close. I'm only missing 36 mons out of my dex period, and then I just need to transfer, breed, and possibly re-evolve (lousy middle stagers) a bit more than that.
    Yeah, it can be kind of a pain to get there.

    Man I hope nothing bad happens to the area now that we've taken away their protecting fertility god!
    I threw a pokeball at it for kicks and it actually shook three times before being let out.
    Clearly it's because the legendaries aren't as legendary anymore

    I bet Myuutwo could take an icy wind to the face
    So uh
    It turns out Icy Wind kills it one hit.
    I wonder how you ride on him
    Piggback? I doubt there's room enough on his cloud band
    he's gonna take so many hurricanes to the face

    ALSO was Gurdurr nicknamed? Haunter became "Gengar" when it evolved, and Porygon become moonlanguage2 when it evolved, but Gurdurr stayed the same
    Tornadus for Rufflet and then I keep something as collateral for Thunderous

    thanks again!
    STUNNING SECRETS REVEALED i will probably never use Porygon2 (I've a Z I used in platinum)

    And I figured we'd be evolving your two trade-evos, so I brought in Rufflet as well since why not (Rufflet-> Haunter/Gurdurr. Gengar/COnkeldurr for Rufflet. And then again until we get our mons back)
    also if we can connect, may as well evolve your Haunter & Gurdurr

    Also I found that none of my games have Porygon2, so I want to evolve mine while we're at it
    I wonder how Cyber is going to spin this

    I can only imagine
    HEY you're still on, want to try trading again?
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