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    i can already here that
    I waited in there for like 20 minutes after your "try once more" post, by the way.

    ah well, try again tomorrow, maybe the wifi gods will be at our mercy
    How about try one more time and just put it off until tomorrow?
    I've got sleeping to do
    I'm picturing a small Carnivine trying to situate itself on a router
    Nope, got all that business covered (used a pal for Gigalith & Conkeldurr back in Nimbasa, offered Karrablast for Shelmet and Shelmet for Karrablast on the GTS).

    What about you?
    It's just so infuriating after a while, you know?>
    And then once the trade does start, it goes by like clockwork barely totaling a minute. Thankfully the GTS (which I have been getting SO MUCH use out of) doesn't act like this.
    Would you believe me if I said this has happened to me every time I've tried to trade with other people
    Hee hee, okay. After fighting the Riches family, I am rolling in dough.
    It is unreal how much dough I am in.

    I added you and about to head in to the room. Out of curiosity, did you add your country via GeoNet?
    You'll be my first Australian trade
    Hey, the link you had posted in the grammar topic was pretty awesome. I wish I could find stuff like that. :p
    -‘You trapped me inside this world too, while I was walking along the bridge.’ Apparently Gothitelle only attacks Anime protagonists when they cross the bridge.

    say, which bridge had the ghost girl, again?
    Kyyyya! *girly scream* and *drool*

    Thanks Sab!! It's really amazing how well you're doing the translation!
    And don't worry about your ""delay"". It's not like I was putting any pressure on you to translate it, well I didn't mean to do it. I just wanted to know if you were going to translate it :p
    I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong feeling :(
    I'm *drum roll* Australian, ethnically Scottish, Sri Lankan, Swedish, Portuguese and Dutch (50% Scottish, varying degrees of the others).
    As for Japanese, I began learning it at primary school ~15 years ago and haven't quit yet, although the vast majority (>90%) of my learning has occurred in the last 3 years. To the extent that I am able, I am always listening, watching, or reading some Japanese throughout the day and use a program called 'Anki' to 'study'. To be perfectly honest (and this is my biggest 'secret') I've only actually spent two months in the country over three trips, over a 5 year period, although I'm moving there this year. Whether or not I am any good at the language is not for me to decide, however, that I am occasionally mistaken for a native speaker (most often on the phone) on first impression is encouraging to say the least.
    Waiiiit, so where do you live right now? I live in Australia and both my parents are Sri Lankan (though I was born here). We must be related!
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