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  • Hey Sabonea. By any chance, are you going to translate the last part of Shellspider's summary of the Nintendo Dream's article ?
    I though they were some interesting info about some areas of Unova but maybe I'm getting all wrong and there is nothing about it :x
    Check the topic for yourself. Pretty much page 2 on has (or had) tons of complaints at how Cabernet should have either beat/decimated Cilan. Special guest star complaints by Sawsbuck not having Sap Sipper.
    Just ignore Koolayray he/she is probably just trying to troll you.
    No lie, I thought it was just another name for Troll at first. 60 base power normal TM move with I think even the same PP. It would make sense, too, since Troll increases in power the more Troll is around.
    Speaking of: So Little by Little is really the only name that could come out of...whatever the hell the characters are for little by little?
    What an odd name. could there possibly be some sort of pun we're missing in it?
    Koon also has unfortunate implications if read phonetically as Coon
    Edit: The one possibly relevant comparison between the Pokemon and "Killing People: Why is Everything So Brown?" franchises is that both have gone through periods of intense, unsustainable periods of popularity, where one is 10-11 years after that period still selling enormous figures for video games, and one is at a peak of that period.
    Bold: I am going to describe FPS as that from now on.
    I was commenting on your observation on how people don't see anything wrong with naming a character Dent. Or Pod. Or Corn.
    Dent, Pod, Corn are wonderful names and I'm glad people are finally coming around to Nintendo's horrible naming policies

    how long until the boycotts and/or petitions
    Cool me too, where abouts? Also how do i find my friend code on Pokemon black its in jap and i dont understand it lol
    Cool me too, where abouts? Also how do i find my friend code on Pokemon black its in jap and i dont understand it lol
    i can give you a cacnea or turtwig or something else you might need i have caught all 493 pokemon legit on heartgold, what country are you in?
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