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Last Activity:
Feb 25, 2009
May 4, 2008
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Home Page:
T3h Int3rn3tz
Dont have one XD

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Herd u liek Pygola?, from T3h Int3rn3tz

SacredSwampert was last seen:
Feb 25, 2009
    1. winstar99
      Gameteen.net is latest online free 10,000 popular flash games with greatest players, fun games, play now.


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    2. Mr.Palkia_7389
      So I see your shop is finally open. You can do some awesome stuff
    3. Ultimate Dragon Knight
      Ultimate Dragon Knight
      I could help you learn GIMP, to a certain extent that is. Or, you could use Youtube tutorials.
    4. Sunraichu
      Sorry, I haven't been working at the shop. I've been really busy, but I'll try my best.
    5. Emperor Giratina
      Emperor Giratina
      Oh, cool! Then what's your Username? Mine's Invinsible Metagross! :D
    6. Emperor Giratina
      Emperor Giratina
      Ah, so you're asking what happened to Pokemon Crater? ... Er... Well, it got shut down because the site's owner could no longer handle such a big website and had no choice but to shut it down on 1st of December 2007... But, FORTUNATLY, I have a perfect substitute for Pokemon Crater, which is http://www.pokemonbattlearena.net/
    7. Ultimate Dragon Knight
      Ultimate Dragon Knight
      What version do you have? I recently upgraded to version 2.4.6. Or do you not know how to use it?
    8. Ultimate Dragon Knight
      Ultimate Dragon Knight
      Thanks. I just got finishing making a userbar. Previously, I used an online program, but now, I'll just use GIMP. :) Rock on, GIMP!
    9. Ultimate Dragon Knight
      Ultimate Dragon Knight
      Thanks for welcoming me into the shop. BTW, I know this may be late, but I read some of your past visitor messages and then searched the forum for your thread about your dead dog. I'm sorry for you, and wish that those who posted nasty comments would just take a hike. Man, people at the Time Out thread are much nicer than that. PokemonHero had a dog die several days ago, and we all gave him our condolence. Well, sorry about your dog. See ya.
    10. bobandbill
      Forums do that - but it may that that you are using little for the paragraphs, such as describing events or places. I can't really say as it's not the actual thing, but you might be needing more substance in the paragraphs...
    11. bobandbill
      Yes, I have. Too many things converging on me at once - and did have a week-long holiday as well not so long ago, so maybe you checked me then.
    12. weavile8696
      oh yeah i saw ur post today. :( some of my puppys died recently.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( i no how u feel.
    13. Emperor Giratina
      Emperor Giratina
      Hello... I just wanted to say sorry... About what happened to your dog... May his soul rest in piece... But let me tell you one thing.... Don't post on the forums like this to state a sad happening in your life... People over here a real jerks and meanies... You know, they SHOULD get lives and stop acting like 4-year old girlies... If I were an Admin, I'd ban EACH AND EVERYONE on your topic who posted a mean reply.... Man, like 90% of the people on Serebii.net are heartless, gutless, b-tards (excuse my language but I hate people who talk ill about the dead)... And again, I am extermly sorry about your loss... When I heard this astonishing news, I nearly cried... Say, your dog was cute by the way! :D ... Anyways, you seem to be a nice person there... I've sent you a friend request... Don't worry, we'll get along, my friend... Please don't doubt it! :D
    14. Mr.Palkia_7389
      I agree everyone is being so mean. All those people should get lives, and sorry about your loss
    15. CyndaquilRules
      Sorry bout your dog. It's cute. It stinks that so many people on this forum are jerks. If I was serebii, I'd ban everyone who posted a mean post in your topic in Miscellaneous
    16. The Thrashmeister
      The Thrashmeister
      Hey. I just wanted to say I'm sorry about your dog... I'm also sorry about all these assholes in that thread you made.

      But here's a word of advice to you... don't post personal happenings on these forums? It's unfortunate, but most people don't care, and they'll make fun of you for it.

      Again, I'm sorry for your loss.
    17. PurpleMew
      No problem i see you alot and thought i send a request
    18. Da14u.C
      no, sorry .
    19. Glajummy
      I finished your request.
    20. weavile8696
      ok there awsome! ;D
      um i have 2 new sprites in my new sprite thread, u should c;D
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    Home Page:
    T3h Int3rn3tz
    Dont have one XD
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Too lazy to fill in....-__-'

    Whatever I'm currently into.


    ~ I am the one that heaven refused, Your offering hand just set off the fuse, I am the one that pushes away, I gave up tommorow in spite today...

    Too proud to beg, too stubborn to try, I look in your face, and spit in your eye, but I'm willing to find what really inside, and show I am strong enough to Trust in you... ~

    **The Offspring**

    Only in Pokemon Malachite...
    Sprites by DarkFireBird