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Recent content by Sadarac

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    Carte Online TCG

    It is extremely similar, yes. The main differences from MTG are: One mana pool (all cards use the same type of mana), hero cards which have a faction (and take damage for playing off faction cards), and attack/defense zones, rather than 1 group of monsters who can do both. There is also a "grey"...
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    New Gameplay Graphics Thread

    I like 3D, Only reason I ever played PBR. Makes me excited :D I hope that the overworld 3D is awesome and the particle effects for moves are epic too!
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    Carte Online TCG

    Anyone looking for a TCG to try out should go to http://carte.gamescampus.eu/ Carte is a really fun TCG with Creature based gameplay, an "all type" mana pool, 5 Unions representing different fantasy groups (undead, magicians, warriors, elves/forest creatures and holy/angels) daily 3 round...
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    League of Legends (Man those 900 elo feeders) Minecraft (If I was German it would me MienKraft) Pokemon Conquest (Why Can't I recruit Masamune??) Waiting on: Fire Emblem 3D PMD 3D Ecol Tactics My cards to get added to Carte Considering: Nuzlocking a Pokemon Game Doing a PMD Sky Dungeon Rush...
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    Legendaries Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Y reminds me of Nocturne from League of Legends, Idk why because Noct isn't a bird-thing, but still. I'm predicting that there will be a trio, which includes some sort of new typing combo. x and y are probably the two opposing legends, like groudon/kyogre, resh/zek and so on. There will be a...
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    Weirdest trade you've done in the GTS

    Couldn't find a decent offer for a Japanese Ditto (for MM'ing pokemon) for 3 days straight (80% of the requests were lvl 9 or less Res/Zek). I say to myself, "i give up" and throw up a snivy asking for a ditto, figuring that I'll get some american ditto or something like that. I get a Japanese...
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    Is Pokemon Getting Weird?

    Since when has catching wild animals in small balls which clearly must act as some sort of hyperspace wormhole portal thing (since clearly, a pokemon weighing 100's of pounds couldn't fit inside an orb the size of a young child's fist and then be carried around effortlessly) and then using said...
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    Fainted Wild Pokemon?

    My understanding was that "fainted" pokemon are simply too tired or too injured to fight, but are actually still conscious. In which case, I imagine the defeated wild pokemon hobbles off somewhere and the trainers simply let it go, since they got their exp already. (If a trainer didn't, then...
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    #495 Snivy / #496 Servine / #497 Serperior

    According to the GTS Site, Snivy is the 16th most desirable pokemon (just behind latios and victini, oddly enough magnemite is number 1 o.o). In the past 24 hours I've traded snivy's for a zorua, tepig and osawatt. I wouldn't expect to get a legendary for one though, but you can get a lot of...
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    4th Gen 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' Challenge Thread!

    Here are Two challenges that I've thought up: Pokemon Draft: Use This http://randompokemon.com/ to generate 6 pokemon. Choose one of those as part of your team. You may, Re-roll any legendarys or any pokemon that don't exist in that generation (IE gen 5 pokemon if your going to play diamond)...
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    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity (March 24th 2013)

    They did the cover this way to show of those ring things, from when you scan an item to unlock a dungeon, since its a fairly important new development for the series (or at least it appears to be). I don't think people would like the cover much if it showed pokemon being sucked/diving into a...
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    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity (March 24th 2013)

    The only PMD games I recall having starters/evolutions from gens earlier then the gen the game was released during are PMD: SKY (Charizard) and Blue Rescue Team (Squirtle). I Hope that all of the previously available starters/partners are in this, Since I like having riolu, shinx and charizard...
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    What's Your Playstyle?

    I like to build abnormal sets for pokemon. Sometimes they work incredibly well, other times they fail miserably, but its much more interesting then just using the most popular builds that seem to be used by most everyone.
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    THIS GAME IS SO HARD ;O; - PMD [All Versions] Help Thread

    Take lots of reviver seeds, you could also run the dojo dungeons to train and get some free oran berries. Make sure that you get through the dungeon losing as few revives as you can, then once you get to the groundon fight, force Totodile to use watergun/icefang (deselect bite and dig). Use...
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    Draw two cards

    Is this the "lucky egg" card (pokemon tool)? if so its really not worth it, it stops the use of memory berry, bench shield or expert belt. plus there are much better draw engines that dont rely on you losing a pokemon.