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  • I agree. Maybe I should reboot that thread. I can't do "COnfessions of a Pokémon Trainer" because this already exixts here....
    Oh, that? I created that thread with the intention of sharing my experiences with school fights and see other people's experience on that.
    The idea came from a series of YouTube videos called "Confessions of a Drunk", when people say the most bizarre things they have ever done while drunk. I bascially changed the subject to school fights, get it?
    I just read your post in my thread. Sorry for not replying, I just didn't know what to say other than: regular people can hold other people accountable.
    I don't think we really do those anymore, since I even forgot about them. I think only admins could give them out anyway.
    If I moved to a place with no government...

    I could decide who to pay for vital services instead of being robbed (taxed) and forced to pay for the state's monopolized services.

    I wouldn't be forced to pay for programs I find objectionable, such as those related to wars and spying.

    I wouldn't be punished for disobeying stupid, arbitrary laws that shouldn't be laws in the first place if I'm not harming anyone.

    Yeah, I'd love to move to a place with no government, but as you know, most of the developed world has an established gang of criminals calling themselves "government".
    Laws are just commands issued by certain people in "authority". I want to abide by principles, not obey some random people.
    Government follows that philosophy: they have the ability to enforce laws, so they do, regardless of whether the law is moral or not.
    Then they would be wrong for wanting to kill those Christians who are not harmful or violent, and the Christians (along with anyone else) would have the right to defend themselves.
    Because they will understand that some actions are bad because of the real consequences they have on others regardless of whether it is the law or not. You don't need permission from "the law" to defend yourself.
    I just told you that the age of consent should exist whether or not it's "the law", and that this makes "the law" irrelevant. If you read my thread in the debate forum more carefully, you'd have come to this conclusion already.
    Oh, that age of consent. Yes, I know what it is, and we don't need politicians declaring it "law" for people to respect and enforce it.
    Damn, I wish I could get in contact with him then :( He didn't give you an email address or messenger name by any chance did he?

    On another note, are you an anarchist? I saw you posted in my thread that you had conversations with him; how did those go?
    Because this is just a super casual pokemon site, dude. Smoke a joint and stop caring about things don't affect you, like an f bomb on the internet.
    I'm sorry. I honestly thought you were trying to be a Pokémon bad boy. Why else would you bypass the censors?
    I figured with it being the debate forum where we talk about a wide array of uncomfortable subjects from rape to genocide, that a visible F-bomb was probably the least of anyone's worries.
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