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Recent content by ~*Sailor Satun*~

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    CLAMP Manga Discussion

    I saw it. BEST. ANIME. EVER. Oh, and yeah, the leaders were switched.
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    Ways to tell if a pokemon is hacked

    Well, I got something weird on the GTS... An Electivire. Cherish Ball, in Japanese, don't remember the OT(I think it was 111 something) and it said it met at a Pokemon event. What is it?
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    Official Animal Crossing WW Online Status Thread

    I really want someone to come to my town. Or viceversa. Name: Sakura Town: Seresu FC: 034475680790 PM me to make me open my gates...
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    The Official D/P Recent Happenings Thread!

    I've been training my Froslass.
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    CLAMP Manga Discussion

    It's already the sixteenth over here. I'm getting it when my mother keeps that promise of taking me to Japan for my birthday, which is when the second TR comes out. o.o ;;;
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    Ways to tell if a pokemon is hacked

    I doubt they're legit unfortunatly, Ditto--who uses a Masterball on Ditto except a hacker? Deoxys, I also doubt, and they never gave it out in US. Not sure about UK.
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    Tsubasa Chronicle

    As it says though, it isn't 100% neccesary to read xxxHOLiC. Oh, and everyone missed one character: If I remember correctly, in the anime Kero makes a slight appearance...not sure, though. And yes, the manga is ongoing, and the anime is going to have three more episodes(OVAs) based on the...
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    CLAMP Manga Discussion

    Jade if I remember correctly... That one was awesome. Countdown to TR: 10 Days/11 Days(Depends on where you live) For those who haven't kept in catch with the English TRC, volume 15 came out a few days ago. I am addicted to that cover...oh cover...<3
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    CLAMP Manga Discussion

    I need to get to these threads quicker. << Anyway, I've read/am reading: xxxHOLiC Chobits TSUBASA RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Cardcaptor Sakura Wish Magic Knight Rayearth Angelic Layer Wow, it's such a puny list. ;_; To answer the topic, CCS Sakura. For all the reasons stated. >>...
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    Ways to tell if a pokemon is hacked

    Actually, it is possible for it to be hacked, I believe if it's the REAL Classic Ribbon it says, "A Ribbon that proclaims love for Pokemon." EDIT: Just checked, if it's real, it says that. It may be hacked. If it was traded, I'm not sure...
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    Did You Get The Manaphy?

    Yeah, I got it. A shiny one. ^^ ;;; I may trade it, most likely not, though...Yay for going to where you don't live just to get a piece of data.
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    Hello neighbor.

    Welcome. :) Have a nice time, and PM me if you want to talk.
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    Your Favorite Forum

    Trade forum. Yay.
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    Which Gym had the best and worst pokemon?

    Worst: I agree with everyone who said Jasmine. Unfortunatly. ;_; Best: Fantina
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    Ways to tell if a pokemon is hacked

    Max Sheen on every stat? If it is, it's hacked. And, beenachu, yes, that is hacked.