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  • Yeah work and school sucks... it's the weekend, YAY! I got to Kanto today! Wow the music is amazing in this game. I love it soooooo much.
    Oh, I know. He will like have a cow. I've been hiding it and I never bring it out of my room. But you know, I bet if he found out he would get to writting his sentences a lot faster. LOL.

    I did a Pokethon last night too. It was kinda hard, I got last place. But it was still fun!
    Congrats on catching Ho-Oh! I got a Mgikarp, but haven't had it follow me yet. LOL, be careful not to let Mikey see the DS or he'll have the mother of all meltdowns.
    Oh, and I forgot to say. I caught a Magikarp in the Safari Zone, and oh wow. It is so funny following you! Its doesn't really flop but it is laying sideways and just kinda glides.

    I did that after nan was sleeping and I tried so hard not to laugh out loud.
    Caught Ho-oh!! He was so easy! I bought almost 70 ultra balls and only used like 10. Acording to other people though... I got lucky. People are saying he is a lot harder than DPPt Legends.

    Also, I'm not going to get a new battery until after my Miley concert, because I have to buy an outfit for it. I'll just use Leener's DS for a few weeks.
    That is sweet. Idk who I am going to chose yet... I really want to see Giratina following me... but I think I'm going to go with Dialga.
    Ok. Thank you. :) I looked up new batteries and they only cost about 15 dollars. Hopefully they have them at gamstop.

    I still have 8 badges. I'll play later, train for E4 [bleh], but catch Ho-oh first. I could play on my original DS, but I do need to trade my pokes from Platinum. I want to do Arecues soon. :D
    Wow, that sucks! I'll try my best to remember to ask Nan to bring over one of Mikey's machines. Can't wait to get outta work and go home and play some more. Still only one badge. Gotta level up and make it down the next route.
    Ugh. I have a favor to ask. My DS lite's battery is completly dead, and I need a new one. So is there anyway you can ask nan to bring over one of Mikey's so I can use it? (Not the battery, the DS) At least until I get a new battery for mine. He doesn't have to know, I'll hide it from him.

    Yeah I traded over my shiny team right after I got my Pokedex. Since my Slugma had Magma Armor it hatched right after I beat Bugsy. Let's see.... I beat Whitney, she was kinda hard. Her stupid Miltank. I had a lot of problems with her in Silver though. I didn't get the 4th badge yet.

    Of course, today I have 5 classes at school. :/ GR! Lol.
    LOL. Glad you got a good surprise. I wasn't able to play very much so far. I got to the point where I got the dex. I love my Totodile =). Love the game. The touch screen menu is really sharp. So far the language hasn't been a problem. That's cool u got Pokerus. I can't wait to start trading, gonna send over Pichu and Arceus asap. I'm gonna have one of 'em hold something that's very valuable so I can get some Poke$. Gotta buy balls!
    OMG I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT. The one time I don't check anything, IT COMES! :/

    Oh, well. So happy. When it got here I was totally suprised, I screamed. Litteraly.

    Got 2 badges so far, and I want 4 before I hit the hay. Yuch, school tomorrow. :/

    Oh, and something completey wierd, I got Pokerus after only an hour of playing. 0_0 How did I do that? I've played some games for over 300 hours and never got Pokerus.

    SQEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nan texted me...THE GAMES CAME!!! She said your phone may be out of minutes, so I'm messaging you here. I'm so excited. I cannot wait to get off of work and go home and get my hands on SS! She said she'd bring your HG over tonite =)
    Well, that's true. I imagine that the midnight show would be awful. Lol. I'm not too worried about it selling out as much as I am that we might have to sit to close or too far from the screen.

    Hmm, yes, the pokewalker is pretty disappointing. I'm not sure why game freak threw it in there. It's pretty pointless, espiecally since you don't get moves and you only get so much EXP. I mean sure it's a cool additon, but I don't think I'll be using it much. (Except to get that WiFi pikachu.)
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