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  • We'll see. We won't be going to a midnight show, and I don't think there's ever been a problem with movies selling out around here.

    Have you been reading about how lame the Pokewalker is turning out to be? Only 1 level per session in the Walker, no matter how many steps you get? To level up a lot you have to keep transferring the Poke back and forth. And someone else said they levelled up a Poke using the Walker, and it didn't get it's level up move. What was Game Freak thinking?! So disappointing, I was looking forward to the Walker almost as much as the game =(
    Yeah I know. I thought it was cool that they put the Laurant fight in there, I mean it did happen she just didnt see it. Of course a Felix/Edward fight is going to awesome... that will be right after he says "Dibs," on Bella, I'd bet. :)

    Oh, November would you just come already?!
    OOOH cool! They're gonna show the fight between Laurent and the wolves, and there's gonna be a fight with the Volturi. Looks like the movie will be more exciting than the book. Can't wait!
    I am hoping for Friday. That way I can play all weekend. Not that I wouldn't mind them coming a bit sooner... lol. I am so excited! :D
    Lol. Yeah, I'm really not expecting it until Thrusday or Friday at the earliest.

    Did you see about the Celebi event? Looks really interesting. Hopefully I'll be able to get the Celebi. Don't see why not, it'll be common once it comes out.
    I played on Sapphire over the weekend and hatched Kanto and Hoenn starters, along with the other two starters for Johto on Platinum. I'm gonna Pal Park from Sapphire onto Platinum, then trade onto SS. Can't wait. Today's another mail delivery day, another chance for it to come, though it's doubtful.
    I got my team together :)
    Porygon, Pichu, Slugma, Umbreon, Larvitar and Totodile. All shiny except Totodile of course. :)
    Does it say how long it takes to ship? Hopefully it'll come sometime this week...

    I know! I keep reading them too. Walthrough has started on youtube already. I guess no Sevii islands :/ I kinda figured when Moltres was anouced to be in Mt. Silver...
    SQUEEEEE!!!! The package has shipped! I guess we won't have the games for this weekend, but hopefully for next weekend. I've been reading the spoilers as much as I can too. The threads just grow so fast. The more I read, the more I can't wait.
    Sorry for messeging again! This user on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SexeiAlexy has all the music from the games. Very nostalgic. (The Kanto is at least, I hardly remember playing thorugh Silver.)

    Can't wait! It's kinda pathetic I'm staying up on a school night to read Serebii's spoilers. xD

    Pokemon stay shiny when they follow you. That is so awesome. Can't believe Serebii got his game already. :/ He's so lucky! Oh and so far (as far as I've read) there is no way to turn of Pokemon following you. Lol I'm reading all the spoilers.
    S-weet! Wow I have to get working on my team now! :D Time to go get some shinies! That'd be awesome if my whole team was shiny :) I also heard you can get the Hoenn starters later in the game. I hope that doesn't mean they aren't going to re-make hoenn. D;
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