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  • That's fine. I can't wait until they come either! I hope they arrive on release date next Saturday or even Friday. Supposed to get an e-mail when they ship, so we'll see.

    That book cover is really cool. I want to get it too, but don't know when I'll be able to. Never enough money =(
    Yay! It's labor day weekend so the money won't be on the card until wednesday or thursday next week. I can't wait until they come!!!!

    Yeah I saw that book a while ago. I can't get it until the week after, but I really like the cover. There is so much stuff coming out in september it's crazy.
    Yay! I love my Pichus. :) I think I got a clone of a clone because 2 of the ones I got both have the same sub-nature "Alert to Sounds".

    I got a shiny Beldum of Wifi last night, and it was a 3-for-2 trade, I was to give him 3 TMs on 3 Bidoof/Starlys for a Shiny Beldum Nintendo of Korea event Rayquaza, and a random pokemon. His random Pokemon was a level 100 Salamence. That was the best trade I've ever gotten. :) I'm supossed to get an event Bidoof sometime later today! Yep. A Bidoof. :)
    Oh that's good. :) I got two of each now. Lol. I guess one for Plat. and one for HG!

    I'm so happy there is a release date now! eeep!! Yay! I'm so excited. I'm going to start planning out my team right now. Lol

    Ok. :) Milotic is all set to go on my Diamond. :) The guy who I got it from gave it to me for free. And he gave me a 10 Aniv Suicune, which I used to get the Pichu. :D
    Thanks! But I just got Pichu and Jirachi off someone on eBay =). I was gonna ask if you needed them too and order more. They have a bunch. Probably clones, but oh well. Oh snap, games come out Sept. 12 in Japan. I pretty much think I'm importing Silver. I just can't wait! We'll probably come over tomorrow and I'll get my Milotic from you =).
    Yeah, but I'm on the computer all day anyways. :p

    Also, I got the Shiny Pichu Event! :D I also got the Jirachi. I also found someone who will trade me the Arecues once it comes out. I'm going to try and get doubles of them for you, just in case you import. B/c we'll need the Jap. events to get the events on the imported ones.

    LOL. Not really gonna learn Japanese. Wish you could just download it into your brain. Serebii usually puts together a translation for moves and stuff, but then you'd have to constantly look at it. Still not sure, but boy I'm more and more tempted to import.
    LOL good luck. I've heard it's one of the hardest languages to learn. The only thing I'm concerned about is the moves. I need to figure out my moveset and where I'm going to put them so I can memorize them. Lol.
    Aww... that sucks. October 1st week as my Miley concert!!! Ah! I'm going to have to save my money!

    My guess is that Arceus will be out over here once the movie is. But Pichu & Jirachi might be different. But I reallllllly want that Pichu! Japanese peoples are so lucky. Haha.
    Oh wow that would be cool! I could hatch my eggs by shopping at walmart! Lol.

    Best Pokemon game ever!!
    Me too. Someone posted an idea about sending eggs to the Pokewalker. That would be soooo awesome if you could hatch eggs by walking around with the Pokewalker. This is going to be the BEST Pokemon game ever!
    I know! More pictures came out yesterday and I am DYING for a release date.

    From the new pics it seems you can send different Pokes to the Pokewalker other than just Pikachu. I hope so.
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