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  • I lost power, then moved out to a new apartment and just got my Internet up and running again after 10ish days. It's been a long past few weeks, let me tell you...
    Ya, I'm a Christian. Is that a problem? I dropped the whole evolution thing becuase of the harasment and very obnoxious evolutionists that think being children will help them through life. Harsh right?
    No. Not harsh because you deserve every f-cking put down you f-cking got. There's no need to be ashamed of trolling. But there is a need to be ashamed of calling people names just because they disagree.

    Christian, been on mission trip to El Salvador. Mission: to disprove evolution.
    And obviously you haven't been successful.
    A troll is someone who annoys people over the internet makes pointless debates which gets closed and then makes another account and does the same thing over again.
    I'm just going to give you a heads up. Since I'm a Christian who disbelieves evolution, I would strongly suggest you be more careful in arguing against evolution.

    Also, it is not helpful to bring the Big Bang theory into a discussion of biological evolution, since the Big Bang is not a theory in biology.
    ok first of all you can lose the attitude with me. second of all they found 26 bodies dead. its not a rumor. third of all you might have been in the eye and so were others, it was different for you. so dont say it wasnt bad when you arent a family member who lost there house, because there was a tornado at VA beach and tore down 5 houses i keep up with the news, if you dont know your facts dont get mad until you do
    No worries. Most people use the sets in guides, however, because they actually work (otherwise they wouldn't be there). And several of them are painfully obvious. Smogon's guides are better than POTW though (and Gengar hasn't been one for 5th gen anyway). A little creativity in deviating from the exact prescribed set is always fun, but don't bring a knife to a gun fight, if you catch my drift. And if something works of corse people are going to use it, similar to the Efficient Market Hypothesis.
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