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  • hey there ^_^

    Long time no speak. How are you?

    I've been very busy with uni, which has stopped me coming in here very often. Plus I can't get WiFi for my DS :(

    How has life been for you?
    lol i'm sure many people on the forum would disagree - i can be obnoxious at times (i don't suffer fools easily)

    but i always mean well :p
    cool stuff! i probably won't use Ingrain so the other 3 moves would be cool

    shoot me a message when you're ready - i shouldn't be too far from the PC
    sorry about the delay - work & all that jazz!

    anyway - it's nearly 10:30am here & i'll be near my PC most of the day so shoot me a PM with your friend code (mines in my sig) & i'll get the DS online to trade

    i didn't completely waste time working - i did breed 6 pokemon to hold the rare candies for you:

    eevee (timid female) hidden power (ice) / tackle / toxic / helping hand
    eevee (bold female) tackle / toxic / helping hand / substitute
    beldum (adamant) takedown
    turtwig (adamant male) solarbeam / tackle / light screen / reflect
    piplup (modest male) blizzard / pound / protect / double team
    phione (modest) blizzard / u-turn / bubble / safeguard

    nothing exciting but they may come in handy for you
    2 rare candies for a chikorita? dude i'll give you 6 if you want just for a chikorita (& 5 magikarps or something so i can trade the 6 candies over) shoot me a message if you want them
    dark and ghost types, also if you need anything to help you on your way i will toss it to you for free. palkia, diagia, the other two starters.
    I can do that for you if you need pokerus still, got anything elce to offer though? exp-shares, master balls, shiny pokemon, if needed i can add things, i have a lot of still, pm / vm me back.
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