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  • I'm from Idaho. Which is funny because in the near past (probably before the tragedy), there was a Japanese McDonalds commercial about their Idaho burger or whatever it was, it's always nice when other people refer to Idaho in some fashion (especially a foreign country).
    Can't say - as soon as tests show that changing usernames won't make the forums lag which they do in general and when that happens doesn't appear to be anytime soon is all I can say. Only names that get changed atm are for new users when it is obvious they made a typo in their username really.
    Serebii doesn’t make any money off running the site, but he does by people clicking on the Google adds on top.

    The reason why is because people tend to see the most recent posts, and if I say what happened in the ending of the episode at the top of the page, people might not see it.

    I'll try to cut back, happy?
    Some people don't.

    So what, I had 7 posts on the page, someone else had 5, I'm just letting people know.

    Be careful not to fall off of your high horse.
    To let people know what is happening, if they aren't watching the episode.

    Did you ever think about that? No, didn't think so.
    1. Yes, it's possible we'll get a new map of Isshu with this corocoro that removes the clouds, and is potential more detailed than the one we have now.
    2. And yeah, that last sentence is where it says about the speed. Although this is: "oakuwa suru" is read as "o-okuri suru"
    1. It took me about six months, doing 10-25 a day, with a 90% retention rate after 6 months.
    2. I don't know, but the last few months Oha Suta has shown a trailer at the end of the month, so I was making a guess. Looks like we won't be getting one at a predictable time. Although there is still one other video slot on the official site, so there will be a trailer or video coming at some stage.
    No, they're talking about the games when they say the latest info, "anime" is separate - i think they mention the title of the ep they're showing.

    Whether it's new stuff about the games or old stuff is completely up in the air at this point, but looking at PS track record, it's likely to be old.
    I have no idea. Although possibly I'd say it's more likely they'll show a new big trailer or something like that next week or the week after, rather than this week, seeing as Corocoro was only just released.
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