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  • Oh, my message didn't go through earlier. I mentioned that there's no link since xat died and now its all on Facebook

    Yeah I guess I can see that, I mean....wow, 5 years ago I was 12. o_o How time flies.
    Ah; congrats on that.. I guess. :p Honestly to me it doesn't matter if someone wants to admit their age or not on the internet. We're each a human being behind a screen, and age is but a number.
    In fact, when typing my own I don't even need to look to now that I got it right because I've typed it so often and it's so short

    The good old salt got to you so much you changed your username lol, that certainly works

    Glad you did ;P

    Haha, don'worry, yu're not the only one that would then put on a "fake" facebook account. Gry does the same. He has an account for family and such, and one he uses to talk to us. You're not obliges to create one, if you don't want to, you don't have to.
    Oh really? TBH, without the "Soul" part of your name I probably should have went back through our convos to see who you were again, haha. So glad you kept that part ;P

    I actually only got a facebook account to get in the chat with the others. It was Gryoine that asked me through a PM to join, and I'm glad I did. Gry and I currently watch a lot of aniem together over skype. Oh! And we started playing Dungeons and Dragons as well with Gry as the Dungeon master.
    Haha, not entirely your fault for not talking. After CT60 shut down I've been pretty much inactive here, I usually come here to check if people have talked to me. Like now. Also, it seems like you finally took that name change, haha.

    Two and a half years, that's just insane. Time sure just flies by. Currently some of us, like DJ, me, Gryoine and code have moved to facebook and are just chatting there. I am also still in contact with Fanal through skype.
    Yeah; had R assigned to shield. xD I actually had only played Brawl (and with a wiimote...I was so casual back then. xD) So I never actually knew about shielding until Smash 4....so yeah... I think I used it a LOT. xD
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