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  • Mein gott, I signed up for the forums in 2011 just to roleplay and just disappeared a couple years later. I think that was an era where we didn't get to pick our own profile pics?
    I'm considering joining your Ben 10 RP and I had a question. I'm writing an Omnitrix-user's bio and I am able to have five members of species that exist in the Ben 10 universe. One of the aliens I want to use from those five is Pesky Dust's [one of Ben's aliens] species from the Omniverse episode "Outbreak". The problem with this is that the species' name, home planet, powers and abilities were mostly unrevealed in the one episode he appeared in. If I made up the species' abilities (I'm thinking it has a good grasp of mana/magic much like Anodites, not to their extent of course but still) would that count as a new species, or would it be considered one of the five "canonical" species?
    Like many of you, I'd really like Code Lyoko: Opposing Forces to work and I believe a RP would bring more variety in the story, which is based on different people working together for a common goal in the first place. Seeing as I'd hate to disappoint people who still want to RP when I'd turn the RP into a fanfic, I'm putting this comment on everyone's profile to say: I'm only going to continue the RP if people post regularly (no deadlines, but no incentive to write at all causes... few people posting) and if there are enough people doing so. All those that would like to have a second character (and are able to keep up their posting), you can do that. All those who want to play just one, you can do that. If I gather the amount of characters (you don't have to rush a sign-up, letting me know how many characters you're going to control is far more 'urgent') and see there are enough, I will write down everything I've been keeping in my head instead of writing it down properly so you know what the heck is going on (sorry about that), PM it to all those that say they want to RP regularly (and are going to) and well, we'll RP^^ if there are too few, I'll provide enough characters so the few that can and will RP, can do so to their heart's content (the concept+plot+everything PM will be sent to them in that case). If that isn't workable, the few people wanting to RP say so or they prefer I write a fanfic, I will do so. Though I prefer the RP.
    Do you still want to partake in the RP or not? I won't be mad if you want to leave, it's your choice. Unless you have just been busy lately.
    Hey Samantha. Not sure if you have been busy lately, but I have noticed you have been 'sparse' in your posts lately. I know you have your own RP you run as well. If you want to leave my RP that's fine, but I need to know.
    I'm going to take measures to make sure the Code Lyoko: OP idea goes somewhere, whether it is as a fanfiction or a RP.
    In the case of only one RPer or none wanting to reply once in a while, I'll turn it into a fanfiction (unless that one RPer wants to RP real bad, I'll think up something).
    If there are enough Garage Kid RPers or some who will play as a first and second Garage Kid, it will remain a RP, but understandably the current pace is too slow for one plot progression 'part', let alone only one or two people posting (and since they were virtual, the Garage Kids main plot didn't progress at all).
    So I do want to take everyone's posting pace in consideration and I greatly appreciate some of the RPers' posts so far, but no progress in the main plot is well, not a pace at all, just stasis and it'd be sad to see this story remain frozen like this.
    For the virtual character RPers I'm addressing with this identical post (sorry, it would come down to many of the same points anyway), it is also possible for you to either take a second character, may it be virtual, supporting or a Garage Kid, with me taking control of the whole pack of Garage Kids (or splitting it with the few RPers (the virtual ones having a possible second character if they want one) that still want to participate in a normal pace).
    Any odd sounding things I said, please do say so and I'll change it so I'm not contradicting myself:s
    Hey Samantha. Some of the RP players told me to bunny their characters to wrap up the fight, and was wondering if it was okay for me to bunny Undine (just to get a move on). Of course I won't be making the characters speak or do anything they wouldn't normally do. Sorry that I keep bugging you lol.
    Hey Samantha. I just wanted to check up and let you know that we're almost set for leaving the inn, so you should get up a post.
    Hellooooo. Just checking to make sure you're still interested in Knights of Unova since you haven't said anything since your reserve.
    Hey there. I don't want to sound naggy, but I've noticed you haven't posted in a while. Just wondering if you were just busy that's all.
    I really want to do your God RP, but due to some PC troubles, I am afraid that I have to withdraw my reservation on Dinoysus.

    Sincerely sorry,
    You know, that's a good question. I mean, Ben IS one person, but he can transform into 10 different aliens. I guess since Ben is just an average human being otherwise, him being able to transform would just make him equal. I'll allow it.
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