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  • I do. However, the apparatus he wears works as a more agile version of the suit. It lasts for shorter periods of time, which is why he still needs the large suit.
    Hmm... those 6 were pretty much what I would be content with to be honest XD. The Andromeda 5 were strong as Aggreggor proved and Chromastone is necesscary as Sugalite proved, not to mention his pwoers would keep NRG's radiation in check, eliminating the need of the suit.
    Yeah, and Diego can't figure out who the aliens are. THe 6 I had in mind are the Andromeda Aliens and Chromastone. That too much?
    What if I just start with 5 or 6 aliens and try and get some from the others by copying the DNA or something?
    What about the Andromeda aliens? (NRG, AmpFibian, Armodrillo, Water Hazard, and Terraspin)
    Hey, I will be joining the Ben 10 RPG though I have a few questions. Are ALL the aliens (outside of ALien X obviously) available?
    I forgot to mention this earlier, but we are located in the same forest as of right now. It'll make things easier for when we get to Kale.
    Okay, I wrote another post and I'm now going around to every member to get some feedback on the RP, continuing it and their role, since posts from others are few and far between... So yeah, can you tell me whether you want to RP or not and if I should change for example, posting frequency to two weeks instead of one, as there seems to be something that's stopping people from posting and I'd like to know what that something is:)
    You an make an effort to, but for now finding bases is off limits. This goes both ways. Kota finding the villain base is forgivable as long as he doesn't tell the Renegades about it. Please and thank you for understanding.
    It's kind of confusing though. You mention Gin and Tamae in your latest post. And the italics is half italics and half bold.

    BTW could you please add some more history to Gin? The actual one, not the one you confused with Kota. The rest of him is ok and I finally remembered we had discussed him.
    I would portray it as two seperate gods (A snake and a tortoise) who are mentally bound together and each represent some powers and together represent Winter and the North. It would be kind of like a combined sign up like you had with the twins
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