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  • I'm a little confused with your last post. Gin? Tamae? Use of both Italics and Bold? But it seems to be about Kota. I guess you noticed we got working on getting Gin approved sorta kinda?
    Sam, sorry we're taking so long on the new character you posted. We haven't been able to talk about him much. One thing we do agree about is that we would rather it be one character and one NPC who you have introduced in the story. Reading it dual like that is confusing.
    I've seen Applejack shipped with Rarity more often than with Pinkie. xD (Though maybe after the season 3 finale...)
    It's certainly more fair than ending up Godmodding eventually lol.

    If you feel you can't survive without serious Godmodding or expect to be told you're doing it, just put them in there. I think definitely sooner than later. As for communication, you'd probably be able to get some kind of message out no problem.
    Sam I recommend you save Kota and Titania by them putting themselves into the pocket dimension spell your had him add to his repertoire recently. They would be stuck there and would need to be retrieved by somebody else, but they'd be alive.

    I sincerely doubt you'd be able to hold out against such a large villain onslaught long enough to finish the spell without Godmodding.
    Dunno then. I might do a sequel which is 20 years after the original show, which would put it in the time you mean, I guess? Future Imperfect is basically catching up the 2006 TT show to the present of DC in general, with this plot being what they're facing.
    Um, how much in the future did you mean? Future Imperfect is basically in the time of JLU/Young Justice now. Not far enough? Like for example Kid Flash is already in his 20s and is a JL member, the new Flash.
    Alright, after having thought things over, I probably should let a lot more of the villains bite the dust. There are a lot of them, and truthfully, as I've mentioned to several other RPers in that RP, things have been coming to a kind of standstill.

    Punk Rocket is really kind of useless without his guitar anyway, so if you want to finish him off completely, I'd be okay with that.
    Here is the plan right now. I might need awhile to get the sign up thread out. In the meanwhile, I'll see if a couple of RPing friends of mine are also interested.

    I can't let your last two attacks on Punk Rocket be fatal hits. The guy is still a canon villain, and if I let him get killed that quickly and easily, then it pretty much says that kind of One Hit Kill tactic is acceptable on just about anyone.
    Sam, I've asked you a few times about this, so could you please just let me know whether you can or can't do this? Thank you, DOnut :)
    Hey Sam, just reminding you that you can finish off your Archetype sign-up, no one has taken water and we need more people :) I know you probably don't want to, but it would really help me out cos I need more RPers. Also, Chaos is re-signing up, if it makes you feel better. SO, what do you say?
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