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  • I actually didn't want that to happen, but it's alright. I mean, I only want the shadow people to be weakened, not eradicated. I have a plan for them. Same for the giants.
    Are you still rping in teen titans? My character is waiting on yours so I cannot do anything until you post.
    Sam please don't run around too much and so far. It makes for a confusing fight. I've set the northern part of Divisadero Street as a location for you and Grass. Does it not work for you?
    Great. Do keep in mind it's Technomagic. Both magic and technology, so it mimics smells as well. They would smell like real sweaty bikers, but of course pass through.
    Sam there's a hologram up over that entire alley of a gang of bikers fighting. You forgot to mention that at all? Plus some people passed out, but wouldn't be fair to attack them like that.
    Hey sam, sorry I had to remove your reserve from my thread, but you can re-signup if you want. I think your character looks great, and no one has taken water back yet. If you do want to do it it'll only take ten minutes. And when will Pokeformers start and Ben 10 be back? don't want to overwhelm you, just wanted to ask. Ok, thanks again for everything Sam, see you soon (I guess)
    Sam you're throwing Renegades around way too much, like it's a common name. It was never actually announced anywhere yet, even over the initial 8 years of villain takeover. For all everyone know, it's still the Titans. Please fix that.

    I'll get Slade's answer up when I'm not so busy.
    You would have to have him avoid her then. It's something she does upon meeting somebody new when not being shot at.

    By the way, good job on the fight. Not sure how I'll get out of that one yet. We'll see.

    And Star is both the one who grabbed Yoko and also the one who tossed him down.
    Hey Sam Tecna's scanning has an X Ray property to it. Would you be against her finding out Kota is a guy at some point later? She first scans everybody she meets.
    Hey Sam, sorry tp bother you, I know you've got a lot of stuff on lately, but can you please quickly finish up your SU for The Archetype, as I can accept you and I can get on with inducting more people. I am sending this message out to all reserves though, so it's fine. Anyways, hope to see it soon! Catch you later, Donut.

    Ps: A) I cannot wait for the Pokeformers RP to start, its gonna be great!


    B) When are you going to update your Ben 10 RP? I am still waiting for it so I can carry on the story!?!?! ;)

    catch you later, bye (again) Donut
    Interestingly enough, I found myself not being able to think of anything to post when you weren't posting. Then I realized this is probably because my characters we're pretty much only interacting with your's (with the exception of Sergio having a brief encounter with Flash Sport's charcacter). :/

    Good news is now that you're back I should be able to think of something.
    Hey there Sam, I was wondering if you still plan on filling your reserve for my rp, Team Freewill? I remember you saying you were on holidays however, so if you're still working on it, it's fine. c:
    Oh, alright. Will do so now.

    Instead, I just put that he heard things happening in Gaia and went to investigate. That way there is no specified time for how long they've had the portal, and it could have been decades. The timeline was confusing for me before. >.<
    When did People from Utopia and Nirvana first come in contact with Gaia? In your sign ups and in mine it appears to be a couple decades ago, but in Senor's sign up it was only 2 years ago. When exactly did they come into contact, and did every family come into contact at different times?
    Okay, I'll have him know material transmutation, and later on he can learn how to make Homunculi. (I may have him learn it, not sure right now.)
    Thanks for the help. Going to post my sign-up.
    Hey, can you check if my character's magic is alright?
    Just wanted to know beforehand. I'm basically done, just making minor changes.
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