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  • I am guessing that there can be people that own Devil Relics, or more correctly that they can be owned. Would it be alright if I created a person who then ends up owning a Devil Relic and said Devil Relic at the same time?
    Well, anything that contacts the ground, so anyone standing on it would be felt too.
    Alright, I should have my sign-ups done either today or tomorrow. ^-^
    It's no problem. Can I put it down as a Magic Skill then?
    How about Seismic Sense? Where my character is able to see through the land. By sending out shockwaves they bounce off other objects and come back, giving a sort of image to the user. Therefore, they can see. (It's from Avatar if you ever watched it)
    That's alright, I originally had it at Earth Element. It's just called Nature's Healing. XD
    Here it is...

    Name: Nature's Healing (Couldn't think of another name really... Should I just change it to The Land's Healing?)
    Element: Earth
    Description/Effect: A healing move. The user draws energy from the land surrounding them and use it to heal their wounds. It can also be used on others.

    If you feel that it is too much like nature, I could change it. XD It's that I put that they get the energy from the land, which should make it Earth.

    So Full Metal Alchemist type? Hmm, nice!
    Is it alright if the Bloodline Magic for the Earth family is a Nature Element?
    Also, what kind of alchemy can the Earth users perform?
    Do you think the elements need a bit of balancing? Some, like Earth, are good against three different things, while Wind is good against literally nothing.

    Perhaps you could add a Spirit element that involves stuff like spirit channeling and necromancy that is weak to Wind and Nature?
    I need to ask you a question. Is it ok if my Devil Relic character has three forms? The character is going to be a relic from ancient Egypt who will be similar to the Egyptian goddess of healing and medicine and is ironically a powerful warrior, Sekhet. She is often depicted as both a lioness and a woman, so I want to have three forms: her relic form, her human form, and her lioness form, where she becomes an anthromorphic lioness and her powers are strengthened. Is that ok with you?
    Hey sam, just wanted to let you know that I have slightly altered some stuff on the RP sign-up, so there are one or two new catagories you need to fill out. Hope that's ok
    Hey sam, quick question, we are continuing with the UotU thread, right? I know you've got a lot on at the moment, but I am just throwing that out there
    Erm...just about 17 minutes before you did your post I did a post where Johnathan came to Samantha's aid by attacking the Hydreigon and Deinos. Just thought I should mention that.
    Sam, could you start pulling Yoko out of the fight in Central District? Both sides need to retreat. The story is not going anywhere, and the people involved seem to be getting bored of it. I am talking to the others as well about this.
    Could you elaborate just a tad more on personality and appearance. Also, having him as the Nutcracker is amusing, consideing his gender confusion.
    That would defeat the purpose of some of the other players' ability regarding their class. The answer is no but not entirely. I requested a DT where I will explain how things will work as far as items so it might be possible to find a ring or scroll that might temporarily allow for it!
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