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  • Hey, I'm glad to see you back! I was wondering where you'd gone. Sorry your December sucked--hope things go better for you in the new year!
    Odd, it said you removed me from your friends o_O

    Maybe its due to my question i asked in the last vm....(trust me; i hate being insecure about the things i like. i keep worrying about hurting others. everyone tells me i gotta get over that :/)

    I've been keeping happy as of late though. Korrina helps :)
    I'd probably spam use lucario if i ever played smash bros/brawl again XD Since he's korrina's signature pokemon...lol :3
    It still feels a little strange to have such a crush on another girl after years of mostly male crushes...hahaha XDD;

    I would say i'm probably bi sexual and not bi curious though. For years i've had female attractions, just not serious female crushes as much up till getting into korrina.

    I wonder if i'd think kumotora is cute too XD I think maybe. Or most likely :p
    I see me and korrina as lucas/claus like, though i see us more as a couple than as twin sisters lol

    Interestingly, her personality strikes me as claus-like, and her hair color is like lucas', while mine is like claus' XD

    I have a serious crush on her and daydream about me and her together a lot though. Yesterday probably had daydreamed the most haha.

    Since getting into her this year i don't seem in as much of a rush for a real relationship now too XD Which is nice. I doubt i'm ready for something like that, but fantasy can be easy overall 'cuz you technecly have control over it :3 I can even skate with her in my daydreams too even though i never roller skated/bladed at all in my life XD
    I would have to play the game again to determine who I like the best. I see myself as lucas-like, though. I'm a very sensitive person (who doesn't take well to unhappy stuff) and I cry easily sometimes.

    I think I remember kumatora pretty well out of all the characters though. Her personality was interesting.
    Awww thats sweet. :3 I'm guessing you liked claus best out of the characters due to your profile picture?

    I bet you enjoyed using lucas/claus in smash brothers brawl too :3
    Would you be able to switch to using "s when writing dialogue instead of a single ' ? Lot s of people use the ' to portray thoughts so it's a little confusing.
    Hehe, I know what you mean, he knows loss too well. He's also the mature, responsible big brother type. Things will get interesting with him when we get to the Tamer encampments.
    Hey, I'm afraid I'm going to have to back out of the digimon rp. My work has been chewing up my time and internet access is sporadic at best for me right now. Sorry :(
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