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  • Oh *insert bad word here*. Very sorry about that.
    I am in no position to post tonight, but I am still interested in the RP and I will post tomorrow.

    Um, next week from today? Because I'm planning on posting again on the weekend (Friday or Saturday in your timezone, most likely). But sem break does come up soon for me so maybe I can wait a little. Maybe. I kind of wanna keep to my schedule so the RP doesn't die out because of inactivity.
    There are currently three "groups":
    -The Investigation Team (currently consisting [from what I remember] of Anima, Daniel, Lexa, Quinn, Daciana, Kit, and Sullivan) who went to investigate the sinkhole because Anima wanted to (in part to her eldest brother getting hurt during the accident). They arrive at about ten in the evening, with Danny being unusually late because of his gear and his sister. They go down the sinkhole and found a tunnel system where it turns into pale green. And they eventually encounter a non hostile wyrm.
    -The Nightclub Team (consisting of André, Derek and Alain) who're at a nightclub. André looks a girl, Derek's sitting beside him and Alain has been swarmed by an unwanted harem thanks to André's powers. Alain then said André's gonna pay for the drinks. A woman with a red jacket is sitting near the former two and, if Derek shakes her hand, he'll get a vision from the past from her point of view.
    -And last the Odd Duo, Kaede and Lanaya, who're at the latter's mansion doing their own thing.

    If you decide to not join the investigation, don't worry, I'll think up of something for your characters to do, but only after you post again so I know where they are and can set it up properly.
    I could ask him if he's still in on it. Okay then. Time for a recap! I'll assume the last thing you remember is what happened before your last post.

    What Happened:
    (With the group with the hunter ghost)
    After saving Kaede, the ghost questioned everyone on why they were protecting her, calling her a demon cat. Danny gets angry and punches the ghost gone with one punch. He then notices a light in the distance where the limo group is. He leaves just as the words the hunter ghost said earlier made Kaede unintentionally set the spot he used to be on fire. Kaede then runs off.
    (With the group around the limo)
    Sully holds up the cat, which turns out to be a nekomata. The nekomata says "You...not...protect...human...forever...gods," and then sets Anima on unholy fire. So because of that, Sully puts it out by hugging her. After that, they go home.

    The Next Day:
    On the news, it says a sinkhole appeared over at St. John's Church.

    The club members get a call at around 9 to 10 am.

    If Anima, it would go like, "Meeting at eleven at the clubhouse. It's an emergency," before she quickly hung up.

    If it was Daniel, it would go like, "Anima wishes to have an 'emergency' meeting in the clubhouse at eleven. It has to do with the news this morning." He would answer some questions they might have as best as he, a bit nervous and worried sounding as he did, before politely disconnecting from them

    If it was Daniel, he'd be more polite about it.

    After that, the club members went to the club house in the forest. You have a choice to either go with Anima and Danny to investigate the sinkhole (in paet because Anima's eldest brother got hurt keeping her safe at the church) or go do their own thing.

    I made it vague so that you could still write that you were there and answered.
    18,200 now. And I'm too damn stubborn to give up, no matter how many four-letter words I say about it where no one can hear me XD;;;;;;;; And this is in ORAS, with the lowered odds, too!
    A friend of mine got me into watching their sessions on Twitch, though I haven't been watching them lately, the times I have watched them are always entertaining. Travis Willingham as Grog is easily the best character in the show in my opinion.

    I don't have a lot of time to get into those kind of games myself presently, but as for what I would play, I feel more drawn to Pathfinder than D&D personally.
    It's all good. Let's see...I guess what Alex would do is hang back and watch from afar even if everyone else tries to do something about Cockatorimon since he believes there's not much him or anyone else in the group can do about it. Assuming us meeting our partners is coming up soon, he'd most likely meet Renamon away from everyone else and only then decide to show up and help fight off the threat now that he can do something about it.
    Sure, though canonically they've been in the same club for a bit already. Anything specific in mind?
    That would be so cute and awesome! Hanging around Daci for extended periods of time would naturally intrigue any impressionable young teenager to at least try out some Gothic elements! In a way, Ana seems like this RP's version of Draculaura (Google Monster High)! I can see her incorporating bat prints and motifs into her outfits later on! XD

    Yup, metal is indeed very soothing! Makes me forget about the things that bother me because it just draws me in and totally engrosses me...enough to make the music the only thing that would be on my mind. When Daci hears Ana's reaction, she'll insist that well-done steak is overrated, and that she's missing out on good food! It would not take long to get used to in general, though! I think Daci would wonder where Ana is getting the different blood flavors from! Daci isn't a vampire, so she thinks that blood tastes like...blood, though she likes it a lot! It would be cool, though, if Ana told Daci all about the different flavors of blood and Daci somehow caught on and started cooking meals and desserts incorporating different types of blood, based on what Ana tells her! Daci hides that she's a budding chef from most people...but she probably would be comfortable about it with Ana! XD

    Damn, I want to see! *.* Daci's wolf form keeps her blue eyes, while her fur is black...that way, nobody who isn't part of the club could connect the wolf who caused chaos at the fairgrounds with the redheaded troublemaker! As for her spirit wolves, the red one has golden eyes and is a bit more sturdily-built, while the dark one has silver eyes and is a little sleeker! They don't have names yet, unfortunately! I'm sure that your art would turn out awesome! XD
    Okay. Yeah, they do. Makes me wonder how she'll think Daniel and André's wealth (and now Alain as well). Drinking blood from the source is gross in general. You know, there's a dish in here whose name literally means "blood blood". I'm not entirely sure if it really uses pig's blood though. I never double checked.
    Aww, I love Ana...she's like Little Red to Daciana's Big Bad Wolf! XD Daciana should take her in, hehe...she's the oldest (almost 20) while Ana is one of the youngest, so they could form some kind of odd friendship? Daciana is loud herself, and unfazed by almost everything. XD
    Oh, I see. I was wondering 'cause I imagine she might take advantage of his meek nature. Aw, and Daniel's gonna feel really bad if that happens. I'm curious though, why is she intimidated by older people?
    Hey friend, it's me. Last week's been so hectic for me and I've made you wait long enough. Apologies for the wait, but my sign up will be posted tomorrow morning. I can't apologise enough for all the trouble I've caused
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