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  • Hello sam I would like to invite you to Clan Darkwoods if you are still interested. If you could please just tell them that Zoruaruler refered you that would be wonderful.
    Hi sam, I would like to invite you to join Team Sea Soul, not only are we the strongest and most popular clan, but we also have many members, all of whom you can ask for advice. We also have people who assist you in training pokemon. If you would like to join our wonderful clan, just sign up and tell them that I refered you!
    'ello Sam, I thought I'd VM you, in case you don't get my response on Cmp's intro thread.

    I'm part of a clan called Gilde Von Vier (which is German for Guild of Four). We're a new clan started from the remnants of an old clan (our leader wanted a change of pace, and to weed out inactive members).

    You're under no obligation to join us or any other clan, but since I saw where you asked for a clan to join, I figured I'd offer up GVV xD You just need to post the application (don't forget the hidden message, it's under a spoiler) and tell 'em that I'm the one who referred you.

    EDIT: I should also mention. Since you're a new player, you might be interested in our Academy. There, you can learn how to play competitively and learn a little bit of history on competitive Pokemon. If it interests you, check it out.
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