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  • well I've been primarily trying to get jobs for outdoors stuff, like landscaping and construction. most of my irl friends are pussies, so they do in-door jobs. if I can't find one soon I may just say **** it, and join the army or something.

    well, if you ever need any Pokemon, Pokécheck is a great place to get some.
    eh, I really only have family references, which people don't like.

    clans are now just huge cluster****s of stupidity. have you seen drac lately? gone so far downhill from the original version it's laughable.
    lucky bastard :c there's like nothing available around where I live.

    eh, are you going to join a clan again?
    I have one but I need to find another.

    I've decided that I want to beat as many leagues as possible to build a rep back up. I still much prefer NU though
    not much, trying to find a job here in shitty old Maine.

    and yeah, I've been slowly getting back into battling, though I've been playing random matchup mostly.
    ;A; Well, how's it working for you now? *time lapse makes same question suddenly applicable again... funny how that works*

    Now, she's a couple months in ^.^ You still can't really tell she's pregnant, but it's big enough for her to see it on an ultrasound~

    That's nice~ Mine is considerably better because I'm on break for two weeks ;A; I barely made it through this quarter. I don't usually get behind on HW, but this quarter- ;;OTL
    SWEET 8D How's it working for you?

    xD it's no problem! I had a lot of fun~ I got to see a bunch of siblings I haven't seen in awhile and I leaned that my sister is pregnant!! ^_^

    How are things on your end?
    Ahhh... like the ones they drag out to fairs?

    If that's the case, I could just get you to come here with it.
    In other words, fun if you are doing it, not so much when you have to deal with whiny children? <_<

    ^ If I could, get a discount I might consider it -shot-
    8D cool ^_^

    8O what kind of business?

    It's looking like it will... Here's to hoping, right?

    ;A; no.
    17 8D you?

    Meh, some jobs are like that... <_<

    I just had a rather stressful day and some annoying problems I had to work out with my school.

    My condolences.
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