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    Please fill in this form if you wish to join this clan. just post your registration in this thread.

    Time Zone: MANDATORY! Your application will be rejected without one.
    Rate yourself as a battler (this will be verified.): /10
    Why do you want to join this clan? :
    Would you make any improvements? :
    How do you wish to rank up? : (See below, in ranking systems.)
    Did anybody refer you to this clan? If so who is this person? :
    Since you haven't been online for a while I'm assuming the aprenticeship is going well (y)
    (sorry about the late reply, my computer broke)

    XD I'm not sure if that counts.

    Yeah ^_^ sadly I'm going to miss the first day in one of the classes ><

    xD If I had a job, I'd say the same thing ^_^

    Well... did you enjoy your school year at all?


    Thanks ^_^ let's see... intro to IT and Criminal Law.

    Ooooo... That's cool. I hope he doesn't work you too hard.
    XD It's a sweat drop, but that comment made my day XD

    Sorry about that... you glad it's over then?

    ^_^ mine was amazing. Well... actually, I didn't have to go on the last day because I didn't have any classes left and the majority of the school was going on a feild trip, but a friend of mine who was staying behind said I should come, so I did. So we went to 7-Eleven, bought 24 cans of mountaint dew and played rock band with the others staying behind 8D And from what I heard from those on the trip, we had a lot more fun.

    Waisting it so far 8D But I'm going to be very busy soon because I'm trying to get a job and take some summer classes >< How about you?
    Sorry about the late reply ;;OTL

    Ah ^_^ did you enjoy your last day?

    You're welcome ^_^ To tell you the truth, I had to google it to figure it out the first time XD
    Why not?

    It's a guy on hands and knees. OTL some people also do it as 'orz' for a smaller guy on hands and knees...

    Yep ^_^ I am.
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