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  • There are. I've read a lot of them. Still, I'm not sure that glitches make a broad enough category to warrant a sub-forum. Then again, I don't run this town.
    I am well aware of what M' evolves into. There have been threads in the past about this theory; and I reaffirm THEORY; so it's not a brand new that you have just discovered. However, u like any other theory threads that encompass multiple theories, it is still about one subject. Missingno. The fact that you have videos, that include in the subjects, and I quote:

    "Call it fan speculation, call it pointless rambling, call it a hilarious thought, label it whatever you like... but I think I've solved the mystery of this glitched monster that Nintendo Power demanded we'd never unlock.

    Sources of information come from a nearly forgotten interview Nintendo Power had with Satoshi Taijiri (creator of Pocket Monster), revealing how the development team originally wanted to include Kangaskhan in the Cubone evolution line, but ultimately scrapped the idea"

    This does not make anything fact. Fine, Cubone may well have been originally designed to evolve into Kangaskhan, but this line:

    "Some people call it a "simple programming quirk" but I KNOW it is more"

    Let me demonstrate how sourced information looks:


    "MissingNO is a programming quirk, and not a real part of the game"

    Nintendo website. End of. It's a glitch, anything else you post is rumour or speculation. Your post is about Missingno. It goes in the Missingno thread. End. Of.
    Depends. If there aren't many glitches, then nah. But if you can find enough glitches to make plenty of topics, then I don't see why not.
    Your topic was about Missingno, when there was clearly a stickied topic; which I linked to; called "MISSINGNO and GLITCHES - talk about them HERE", a thread you had already been posting in before making your new topic. So you knew about the thread, but you still decided what you had to share was important enough to have a new thread dedicated to it. Your post is NOT truth, it's a made up rumour. TRUTH has sources and evidence to back it up. Find me PROOF that what you say is true, and I will gladly reopen the thread.
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