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  • You should give credit to Transfuse for using his Samus artwork in your signature. I know he says you can do whatever with his work, but give credit where credit is due.
    Well, I don't have an X-Box so I haven't had experience with the game. But I've played it every now and then with my friends who do.
    I'm sure Bungie gets a few of their ideas from it. It came out in around 2001 or 2000 I believe. While Metroid came out in 1986.
    Hey, I was interested in one of your shiny Litwits, and was wondering if you'd trade for one of these shinies:

    Zangoose (caught)
    Wargle (caught)
    Spoink (hatched)

    PM me if you're interested. Thanks
    Im well. Nice i have two shiny deinos! I love them! I have a shiny gardivour as well, shes soo pretty as a shiny.
    I'm fine thanks. :) How are you?

    Just finished up a Shiny Ralts hunt, since I traded one over from a friend. Iwas was going to hunt for a shiny Axew, but changed my mind and am now going for a Shiny Deino with Dark Pulse.
    Ah, ha! It should of been obvious, I knew the method. Just never thought about the name. Currently I'm breeding litwicks from jpn/usa regions. They are passing down IV 31 in sp. Atk, spd, and hopefully hp. I'm hoping for a shiny, then the issue becomes the nature. Which I could use the Everstone, but... I wouldn't get the two guranteed 31 IVs.

    Best of luck on your shiny breeding.
    Well, to answer your first Method, I fill up as much free space as I possibly can in my PC, then hatch them all at once.

    As for your other question, MM means Masuda method.
    Quote from Bulbapedia: "If an egg is bred from two Pokémon which were created in games of a different language from one another (either by capture or by breeding), the resulting egg is six times as likely to be shiny when it is generated."

    Hope that helps. :)
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