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  • Thanks a lot... and all right, give me maybe 10 minutes and I'll be ready to trade.

    If it's a female name it "Brooke"
    If it's male, name it "Kahuna"

    Thanks in advance for the trade love, also the Suicune is Lv. 30 UT, with a Maxed Hp or Def stat. I'm not at my DS at the moment.
    I usually don't deal with flawless pokemon, but I do have a near-flawless Shiny Espeon, with 30 IV's in every stat.

    I also have:

    FAL2010 Mew (Flawless Atk, Impish nature)
    WIN2011 Celebi (Quiet nature)
    WIN2011 Shiny Suicune (Relaxed nature)
    FEB2012 Mewtwo (Relaxed nature)
    SPR2012 Reshiram (Lax nature)
    SPR2012 Zekrom (Bold nature)
    Shiny Absol (Jolly nature/ +Superpower)
    DW Lucario (Calm nature)
    Shiny Bagon (Careful nature)
    11th Movie Shiny Hydriegon (Timid nature)
    Liberty Garden Victini (Adamant nature)
    Shiny Karrablast (Hasty nature)
    Flawless Ditto (Timid nature)
    Well I like the Deino. And, like I said, I have pretty much any legenaries. Would you do the Deino for, say, a Phionne?
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