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Sandstorm Dragon Master
Last Activity:
Aug 25, 2014
Jul 12, 2011
Likes Received:

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Sandstorm Dragon Master

Quicksand Ninja

Sandstorm Dragon Master was last seen:
Aug 25, 2014
    1. Shadow Darkrai 101
      Shadow Darkrai 101
      hey sandstorm if your still there just wanna tell you that the ace league tournament is now up.
    2. Imma Agito
      Imma Agito
      You up for a gym battle for the aces league?
    3. RefreezePR
      Hey, sorry about the late message, welcome to the clan! We usually do casual talk in the xat here http://xat.com/ageofshoguns

      You don't need to add anyone unless you want, also I'm in your division btw so good luck! (I'm not a leader btw, just doing this because I felt like you should know)

      We're on the xat right now if you want to join. (Xat is a public chat we use for the guild)
    4. lucario-adict
      sure message me your trainer ID
    5. Enigmadoodles
      Thank you for the friend request! Cacturne is one of my favorite pokemon.
    6. VolcanicF
      Request is done at VolcanicF's Art Shop!
    7. mycooly
      I know what your talking about but your wording is sorta suckish, do you mean like how to get the links?
      oh wait! make a photobucket.com account:)
    8. mycooly
      What do you mean by that?
    9. Th3Rookie
      Signature is done.
    10. AromaFlora
      Oh, you just have to tell me to. Did you type up your descriptions? Something like this works:

      Cacturne helps support my team by giving it much-needed Grass- and Water-type resistances. With base 115 offenses, it can pack a bunch of power, though it is quite lacking on the defensive.

      (PM me them!)

      And yeah, Cacturne is really forgotten! It's pretty decent in reality, but eh, there's better Pokemon. Still, it's fun in the sandstorm to abuse its Sand Veil ability. Miss! Miss! Miss!
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:
    obsessed with desert pokemon


    Desert Pokemon are magnificent Ninjas, they hide in the sand waiting and watching, then when you least expect it, they attack and drag you under the sand...
    [​IMG] credits to Xtroph