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sandy ketchum
Last Activity:
May 13, 2018
Jan 12, 2013
Likes Received:

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sandy ketchum

Well-Known Member, from Kanto

sandy ketchum was last seen:
May 13, 2018
    1. PokemonNation2000
      IKR? That's my complaint too, so that's why I remember it so well!
    2. PokemonNation2000
      "Ash Ketchum is still ten years old!"

      "Then why does he have such a deep voice now?"

      LMAO...I remember watching that video on YouTube by Catchamon83, Sandy. Sad, huh, man?
    3. Cassafrass1999
      Yay! Thanks for friend requesting me... :)
    4. Cassafrass1999
      Hello! You seem pretty nice and I love your username (and profile pic, and avatar is pretty cool too X3), so wanna be friends? You can check out my bio to learn more about me. ^.^
    5. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Hi, just wanted to inform how i accepted your friend request.

      Glad that you send it to me.
    6. fenniken
      hi wanna nbe freind and school torcher summer shcool worst
    7. LadyTriox
      Hi! :) Wanna be friends?^^
    8. LizardonX

    9. pokesimmo
      Good to hear :)

      I haven't gone near it since I wrote the last chapter :( I feel so bad.
      But I have been really busy, and I haven't given up on it. I promise to get another chapter out asap :)
    10. pokesimmo
      Hello, how are you going? :D
    11. PokemonNation2000
      Totally agreed on a lot of things. Those are my favorite VAs as well, along with Maddie Blaustein (original Meowth) and Amy Birnbaum (original Max). OS rules! :D
    12. Blazing Charmander
      Blazing Charmander
      No idea, i'm afraid. I used to speak with her quite a lot on these forums when we were both more active on here, but I think that her time was becoming consumed by her studies and so (understandably) she had less time to dedicate to her fanfic. It's a shame because I would've liked to have seen a conclusion to FADOF.
    13. pokesimmo
      Yes, it's the Shelly from Team Aqua!
      Not sure yet, we'll see!
    14. moneylesswario
    15. (P.O.K.E.M.O.N)
      thank you so much, sorry for the late reply, my net was capped lol D:
    16. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      Thanks, I like yours too, reminds me of days long past
    17. adamfitz
      Awh thanks :)
    18. Splash of Misty
      Splash of Misty
      hey thanks for friendin me
    19. moneylesswario
      [Oh, I misread. D: Scizor is pretty cool, probably the 2nd best bug type as well as 2nd best steel.

      As for legendaries, my favorite is Lugia.]
    20. moneylesswario
      [Wicked body shape, simple but fitting color scheme (take notes, Archeops :P), its stripes, the fact that I don't know where its tail begins, being attached to its whole body and all, stubby arms and legs, cute googly eyes, triangular ears, its height, how it can curve.

      Oh, and it has a good moveset in the games.

      How about you? Why don't you like Furret that much?]
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    Favourite Pokémon:


    “We do have a lot in common.
    The same air, the same Earth, the same
    Maybe if we started looking at
    what's the same instead of
    always looking at what's different,
    ...well, who knows?”
    ― Meowth