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Where to start... Firs thing first for those who are reading my profile. If i somewhat seem.. Awkward or so. I have Asperger. Just to get that over with. n-n;

Abobo all~!

Pokemon experience perhaps?
I played pokemon and trading card games ever since it was released in Sweden, so i have experience with it for over 10 years by now. And i still love it today!~
So far i got one Pokemon game from all the generations!

Not long ago either i moved to my own apartment so i live on my own and my own rules now, which is great.
Sure i have to deal with the more adult stuff now but it was less complicated then it seemed.

Bought Poke White version last week and been playing it nonstop so far, only thing that i miss to make it complete is a Ralts, my favorite Poke by far~

I am also looking into studies in game developing, i have a friend, really great one that i share my ideas with on how we would want our games to be, and since me and him have been playing games since the old Era when Sonic and Mario was huge, I'd say it is to our advantage to know what the consumer wants.
A company is nothign without them!

My biography is starting to sound like an advertisement instead;..

I hope to make great Poke-friends here~!
If you simply want to know more about me, just ask away, i can handle questions fairly more easy then an "About Me" introduction~

I am always open for chat on msn while i am playing games~ Easier Multitasking.

Games, Drawing, LAN, Anime, Music ( Death Metal and japanese music -/- )
Favourite Pokémon
Studies for Game developer!